Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Commonly Attack my Feet and Toes!

Psychotic Taoist masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Commonly use evil qi to Attack my Feet and Toes to cause pain and misery!

These sick qigong masters are wickedly evil and always want to cause me pain and misery and try to influence my thoughts and actions. One thing they do to try and control me is attack my feet. At times they will cause lots of pain in the toes by going into the energy channels and causing lots of pressure and stagnation right in the toes so my toes will hurt and be inflamed. Sick qigong teacher Guan Cheng Sun, like in most situations would spam me and other students to try and give us the impression he has had “X” pain or experience, by telling students sometimes that he gets toe pain from students or other people’s “bad qi” going into his feet and toes. Then, to give the impression he actually had pain he would pull on his toes or tap on his feet. I saw him do it numerous times as a way to trick me to think that if my feet or toes begin to hurt that it is okay because he does to. But in actuality he does it because he and his secret qigong master partners want to inflict pain and torture on students and since he supposedly has “bad qi” go into his feet and he is the qigong master how could a student possibly believe they are experiencing something bad or uncommon if the teacher is also having similar experiences.

If you read my blog comparing the Truman Show movie to Yi Ren qigong then you should understand that the foot and toe pain noted above is directly related to the qigong masters controlling the students energy experiences so they can just plain old cause other people lots of pain and misery to try and scare students and control their thoughts and actions.

But in actuality that is what a big part of Yi Ren qigong was like for some students. The Qigong masters are plain old evil and they get off on causing terror to their students while at the same time trying to give the impression to the students that that is what they also experience. However, in actuality the qigong masters rarely feel discomfort from “bad qi” or “evil qi” because unlike the students, the masters have exceptionally strong protection energy in their body, so it is very unlikely they ever have pain from other peoples energy. In fact, when energy comes at them from outside sources they are able to capture it and use it in any way they want to like send it to students or people they want to do negative things or they can transform or compost the energy from one type of energy to another so they can use for their personal energy system.

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