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Working with all the organ & glandular systems, chakras & energy pathways

Qigong class standing meditation

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  • Working with the Organ & Glandular Systems, Chakras & Energy Pahways
  • For Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

Qigong Instruction

With Brendan Thorson LMP. 13yr Yi Ren® Qigong Instructor

Student Experience
  • By Director Athletic Training at U of Idaho
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Online / Skype Sessions, Qi Consultations & Private Lessons


  • Creativity

  • Happiness

  • Inner Peace

  • Consciousness

  • Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

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Brendan Thorson, Instructor

Brendan Thorson, Instructor and Founder of the Noble School of Taichi and Qigong

From my first Yi Ren® Qigong class in the year 1999, I realized this was the best method I had ever found to heal myself. Since then I have devoted my life to healing myself and others and, most importantly, teaching others to heal themselves.

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Student Testimonials

I have tried Qi Gong before and it felt so complicated and difficult to follow and I didn’t feel positive affects from it. But in this teaching, I sleep much better, I feel more grounded and I feel much more energy.
-Katelon, Licensed Massage Therapist

My life has made a 180 degree turn for the better since I’ve been taking Qi Gong / Tai Chi classes from Brendan.

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We’re part of Whole U Fitness!

The Noble School is happy to announce we are part of the University of Washington Whole U Fitness program! University of Washington staff and faculty can get a 15% discount off our regular prices. If you qualify, click the Whole U Fitness link on any class list page to unlock the Whole U pricing.

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