Qigong Masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Use Evil Qi To Give Me Double Chin

Sick and Evil Taoist masters Xue Zhi Wang, brother Xue Zhong Wang and lieing and spamming Taoist teacher Guan Cheng Sun use evil qi to give me double chin.

The day before the mask mandate ended in May they wrapped a blanket of qi around my throat for about five minutes and used evil qi to weaken the skin in throat and jaw. A few minutes after the qigong masters stopped using evil qi on the throat I went to look in the mirror and I basically had a double chin, something I had never had before. Then in the coming weeks I increased my aerobic exercise like biking, rowing, reducing my food intake and other forms of exercise like yoga, weight lifting, calisthenics and burpees to increase the metabolism, lower body fat and strengthen the thyroid. As a result, of the exercise I began to see the chin, throat and jaw skin tighten up until it was almost tight again, but the psycho qigong masters used evil qi to weaken the area again to re-create the double chin. That sequence of events, tightening and loosening of my jaw and throat skin, has happened to me many times since the mask mandate ended. Now when people see me who knew me before covid always look at me oddly tell me I look different and ask if I gained a lot of weight and tell me I look much older now. Prior to them causing me to have a double like chin most people always assumed I was in my early to mid thirties.

The sick qigong masters are doing this to me to make me, frustrated, angry, look unhealthy and older, weaken my confidence and make it more difficult for me to find a wife.

Before Evil Qi

Before Evil Qi

After Evil Qi



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