Devil Qigong Masters Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang Give Me Nose Sore to Make Me Look Bad

Evil qigong masters Guan Cheng Sun Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang have  done endless negative things to stop me from reaching my potential and cause me so much misery and grief and have actually gave me sores in my nose for years so I would look sick and unhealthy.

Over the past month I began getting a sore in the right side of my nose which causes the front of my nose to look similar to Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. This is something that I had for two to three years back in the first five years of my studying Yi Ren qigong with Guan Cheng Sun. Back then I was completely spammed by them to think they were helping me with my healing and the long term nose sore was part of my healing instead of evil qi they were using on me to decrease the chance of finding an amazing woman I would fall in love with and marry.

To trick me into thinking  that my nose sore was a part of my qigong healing process they took me on about a three year journey with my nose to deceive me. They began to spam me with the nose sore by first causing me to get sore in my nose that took months to heal. Later a few times while I was practicing qigong energy shot out of my dantian/ lower abdomen constantly for a few minutes that went directly to where the nose sore was. After the energy connected to the nose sore I could feel the energy becoming very active and moving all around right where the nose sore was and I could clearly tell the energy was helping the nose sore to heal. Then in the coming weeks it did not heal all the way and I again ended up with sore in the right side of my nose and had the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer look. A few months later after getting the red nose look and never ending sore in my nose I recall telling Guan Cheng Sun about my nose issue and asked him if I had any serious health problems with my nose. He instantaneously told me that my nose sore was directly related to a part of my lungs healing and it was not anything I needed to worry about related to my health. Since I knew he was a qigong master, I had experienced so many amazing qi experiences from the qigong both inside and outside of my body from his teaching, and knew he was aware about my health on a deep level, and believed what he told me because he had previously told me I had lung weaknesses and I needed to do qigong lung exercises to heal them. Thus, when he told me the sore was connected to lung issues I had been completely set up by him to believe what he was telling me was true. As noted above, now that I know he and his sick friends have told me and energetically show me each and every day that they do this negative stuff to me, I now see that by them doing this to me again is a way for them to show me they were responsible for my nose sore many years ago and they do it to try and make me look bad and less attractive to a woman who could potentially be a great wife for me.

So now that I know that Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and his brother Xue Zhong Wang are basically the devil and have been destroying all aspects of my life for the past 28 years I know that it is them doing it to me again. They have caused me to be single and have sabotaged the possibility of me having a relationship and getting married ever since I was married when I first began taking  Yi Ren qigong classes from Guan Cheng Sun back in 1999. They wanted me to be single and not in a relationship so I would be less happy, more frustrated, less healthy and an easier target for them to do negative things to. The other day I was telling one of my friends about all this crazy stuff that they have done to me to destroy my health, personal life and business life with a goal of trying to make it so I am unhappy, frustrated, don’t have many friends and I am by my self much of the time… He told me based on his understanding of religion that what they were doing to me would be work of the devil.

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