Massage Therapy Testimonials

Weak & Fragile lower back. Mike. March 2010.
In the past, about two times a year, my lower back would get severely tweaked and I would have to take a few days off from work to heal. I would usually see my chiropractor and a massage therapist a few times over a couple of week process to heal-up. But the last time my back went out, I still saw my chiropractor, but decided to see Brendan for his Massage/Qigong instead of getting the deep tissue style of massage I used to get. The difference I felt from Brendan’s massage for my back was profound. As a result, I decided to see Brendan for massage about two times a month over the last year and over that time period I have felt my back gradually getting stronger and stronger.

Carpal Tunnel. Jim T. February 2010
I had debilitating carpal tunnel. I had carpal tunnel surgery, but after a couple of months I was in agonizing pain again. My life was on hold. My doctor did not have any solution for me other than high doses of ibuprofen. So, I decided to see Brendan. Over the course of a few sessions he thoroughly worked over my hands and forearms and with every passing session my hands felt better and better. The strength of my hands finally returned and I was able to resume my life. Without the help I received from Brendan’s massage I am not sure what I would have done.

Sciatica. Sally. January 2010
I have suffered from sciatica, (Shooting pain down my leg) for years and have used both massage and physical therapy with moderate short term benefits. The results I received from Brendan’s massage (and qigong) were very immediate. Brendan was very direct with his massage, found and released the area in my hips where it feels like the issue originates from, and showed me some great exercises that I have been doing to overcome this long term problem. Over the past three months, I feel like I’m finally very close to overcoming the years of my agonizing sciatica.

Amazing Results with Scoliosis. Selena T. January 2010
I have scoliosis and have suffered from scoliosis related back pain for much of my life. I have used massage therapy for years to help me deal with my chronic back pain and have been very satisfied with the treatment I have had. But based on a suggestion from a friend I decided to see Brendan for a session. Brendan’s massage techniques and the areas he worked on me for my back was very different than I was accustomed to, so I was not sure how I would feel after the massage. However, after the massage I was amazed with the lack of tension and ease of movement I felt in my back!! Over the past few months I have continued to see Brendan for weekly session and with every passing week I can feel the health of my back improving. In addition, to the massage, I have also had some qigong treatments and learned some excellent self-empowering exercises and stretches that have also brought me terrific results.

Years of Hip Pain & Weakness. Mark, January, 2010
Over the years I began to have left hip pain and stiffness. I did physical therapy and massage, but my hip was still very tight and painful. I began doing a psoas stretch that my physical therapist gave me and it was helping more than the massage and physical therapy did. Then, during a qigong session with Brendan, he mentioned he could see I had some hip issues and told me his massage could help it to make some good progress. Brendan did some of his physical therapy style massage on my hips and I could not believe how much better it feels. Now, I have no more pain and I can walk with much more ease. Brendan also showed me some excellent stretches and exercises I can do to further heal, strengthen and increase the flexibility of my hip. Brendan’s massage is so much different and more effective than any other massage I have ever had before and I am so glad I decided to see him for a session, because I have had lots of massage before on my hip that did not help it to feel healthier and thus, I was not really sure if he did anything different…

Neck & Shoulder Finally Healed!! Amanda, November 2009.
I hurt my shoulder at work and over the next couple of weeks I gave it lots of rest, but instead of it getting better it became much worse and also began affecting my neck. I’m a bike rider and the pain forced me to stop riding. I saw a Chiropractor, Massage Therapist and did lots of yoga, but it was not getting any better. A friend told me Brendan might be able to help me, and since I was so desperate I decided to see him. Brendan’s massage was so much different than any other massage I had ever had before, but so effective. After, the first session, I was delighted, my neck and shoulder was about 90% better. After a couple more sessions my neck and shoulder were finally back to normal and I was back to riding again!

Great Massage & Stretches! Stephanie, October 2009.
I have had a fair amount of massages before, but nothing like the massage Brendan gave me. I originally asked Brendan to give me a full body deep tissue massage. But, after my pre-massage consultation, I gave Brendan permission to focus on my problem calves with his myofascial release massage. I could not believe how much better my calves and legs felt after the massage. Brendan is a great massage therapist and he also gave me some excellent stretches and exercises to help me to increase the strength and flexibility of my calves and legs.

A Superior Massage. Susan, October 2009.
I went to see Brendan for a massage to help me out with chronic lower back pain. I’m in my mid 30’s, self employed and have a 10yr. old child and get massage for my back pain a couple of times a month. Normally when I get a massage I would always get some relief from my lower back pain, but it would never completely disappear. Brendan was able to get my back muscles to completely loosen up and let go. Massage from Brendan was a truly amazing!

After years of PT, Massage Finally Releases My Arm & Shoulder. Nancy, September 2009
I did physical therapy for two years for my stuck shoulder and arm, but it didn’t improve. So I decided to see if Brendan could help me with his massage. After one session with Brendan, my arm and shoulder was moving without pain and stiffness. Brendan did deep massage above my shoulder and under my armpit to break up the stiff muscles and my arm and shoulder finally feel normal again.

My Back is like new again! Ed C., September 2009
I exercise regularly and do my best to take care of myself, get massage about once a month, but my back would always feel a little stiff, tight and heavy. Then, I had a massage session with Brendan and he did his myofascial release work on my back. After the first session, all of the tension and tightness had disappeared from my back. I could not believe how different I felt after the massage. I have had 50-100 massages in my life and I have never experienced anything like that before. I could sense Brendan was a good massage therapist from the confidence he exudes, but once he began working on me I understood his massage skills were very high and his myofascial release massage was so much different than anything I had ever experienced before. Honestly, as soon as he began working on me I felt that this was the type of massage my body had been craving for years. He worked very slow, methodically and with precision. He also had me do stretches and movements throughout the session that I could feel were resetting my muscles.

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