• Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Have Froze & Injured My hip Since 1999 to Stop My Qigong Development

    Qigong criminals Xue Zhi Wang, brother Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun secretly damage students hip to stop development and cause unbearable misery!

    In November of 1999, there was a three day period where my body from out of no-where became freezing cold, my left hip became almost frozen and my abdomen became bloated. I never had any of these problems before that week. At that time I was doing lots of yoga and could easily sit crossed legged for around one hour to practice sitting qigong. Then after my hip became super stiff and frozen-like it was always very difficult for me to sit crossed legged for more than a few minutes unless I was sitting on something like a meditation pillow. Since I was doing a lot of yoga before-hand I would continue to try and do the yoga to get my flexibility back in my hip and there were times I felt like I did make some progress, but then I would always wake up the next morning and my hip would be super stiff and almost frozen in place. I still experience the same thing every day now 22 years later. Many years after my hip first became frozen he would sometimes talk about how if you, a qigong student, do not have adequate energy protection evil qigong masters will put evil qi into people when they are sleeping because the person can not feel the qi going into the body.

    Now I know qigong masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun have been putting evil qi into my left hip every day and night, so I could never get my hip better TO STOP ME FROM GOING MUCH DEEPER AND GETTING MUCH STRONGER WITH MY PRACTICE.

    When my hip first became stuck and frozen-like in 1999, I was under the impression that Dr. Sun my qigong teacher really cared about my health and quality of life. He intentionally did some things right after I first met him to build up the trust with me to stop me from thinking it was him and evil qi being implanted in me daily that was the source of my never ending hip issue. For instance, he gave me specific exercises that he did not teach in the classes that he said were kind of secret exercises to develop the reproductive energies, kidneys, earth center, the dantian and all of the other major energy centers on the du and ren pathways. He told me I had special skills with qigong and he invited me to begin a small and select teacher training group a couple of months after I began the training. He would also occasionally meet me for a meal or tea to talk qigong training. He tried to give me the impression he was a combination of my teacher and friend. Also about one year after my body became so messed up in 1999, and I was split up with my wife (that these psycho qigong masters caused) he said that he would ask his girlfriend if I could move into the basement of his home so he could practice with me and help me heal and with my qigong  practice. He never let me move into his home or gave me any special training other than the earlier exercise noted and he never privately practiced with me. However, because of the gestures he maid I was basically set up to believe he did have my best interest in mind. Even though I was still so pissed and frustrated with him because he was never willing to help me with any of my health problems when I knew he could heal me at any moment he choose. So I was very conflicted, but because of the early impression he gave me I still felt he cared about me on some levels. Boy was I ever wrong.

  • Guan Cheng Sun Faked Having Stroke To Scare Students From Teaching

    Guan Cheng Sun, qigong master of yi ren qigong faked having a stroke to scare students and teachers from practicing qigong!

    Back in 9/19 at the Yi Ren Qigong teacher graduation ceremony where around 50 new teachers were set to graduate and become new certified Yi Ren Qigong instructors Dr. Guan Cheng Sun the leader of Yi Ren qigong faked having a stroke to scare students from moving forward with teaching. He is a high level qigong master and made it appear that his body was having a stroke, but it was all lie. I was not at the graduation, but I heard from him later that the stroke was a result of negative qi coming from other qigong groups because they were jealous of all his success. What a bunch of BS. His bodies protection energy is extremely strong and no qigong master or qigong groups jealousy energy can penetrate his system unless he intentionally lets it in his body. This sicko has remotely done this type of thing to me and my energy system many times while I have been alone at my home. I have been practicing with him since 1999 and taken hundreds of classes from him. Over the years I have heard him on numerous occasions talk about how a qigong master energy and cultivation will reach higher and higher levels as they age, their body will reach perfection and since they are operating from the heavenly level they are aware of everything happening in their sphere. Thus, no energy or information will enter their field without being completely aware of it and they have the ability to choose to absorb, repel or transform any and all energies.

    A true qigong master can see the world from the heavenly perspective looking down on it from above and see everyone and anything they choose to pay attention to. Thus, from the heavenly perspective there is zero information that will accidentally surprise the high level qigong master.

    Guan Cheng Sun is Evil and lies to his students to impede their health and progress.

    One moment in the class he will talk about how teaching qigong and doing healing work will strengthen their body and improve thier health. Then, at other times he will talk about how his granduncle use to tell him he will die before the age of 50 if he does to much healing work. Other times he will talk about how in the earlier stages of his training when he was building up his strength before reaching higher levels of attainment how he would eat so much food all the the time. Even over the past 10 years I would occassionally see him at a restaurant in Seattle’s China town and he would have a couple of dishes of food for himself. But he would commonly tell conflicting information about food to all his students and tell them not to eat much food because it is not good for them. But in reality a student has to know what stage they are in in there training and also be deeply connected to their bodies true nutitional needs to help them become strong and reach higher levels of the training. He intentionally overlooks telling the studetns they need to become strong to truly reach higher levels of training. But to sabatoge students progress he will mislead them and intentionally forget to inform them if they really want to reach higher levels of training they have to have a super strong body and enegy system.

    Qigong master will steal your energy. Don’t think about him much. Be aware of him and his evilness and let go of the evil monster.

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    Brendan is available for Yi Ren Qigong Workshops throughout the country and beyond to places like Spas, Holistic Centers, Conventions, Hospitals or to your community in your city. Call or email for details.

  • Introductory Class


    Introductory Class, May 5th.

    Yi Ren® Qigong: Energy Activation & Informational with Instructor Brendan Thorson

    (Open to all. Beginning to advanced qigong students)

    Experience and learn the theory behind medical qigong from an anatomical, physiological, and psychological perspective to enhance mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Receive insight regarding some of the numerous health benefits of qigong for self-care, strengthening and balancing the vitality of all the human anatomical systems like the immune, nervous and endocrine systems for a stronger immune system, and improved sleep quality. We will also, do qigong exercises to activate our energy field, the kidneys and relax the Adrenal Glands to support the participants to sense the energy feel refreshed, recharged and relaxed all at the same time.

    • May 5th 2016

    • When: Thursday, 5/5, 7- 7:55pm
    • Where: University Heights Community Center. 5031 University Way NE #109. Seattle, WA 98105
    • How Long: 7- 7:55pm
    • Cost:$10
    • Full Time Student:$5
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    “Brendan’s Qigong class is the best Self-Care I have found in over 25 years. I am amazed at how little I react to stressful moments. My severe anxiety issues are gone & my energy levels stay constant throughout the day.” Jill Morris, LNP, LMP, RMT
    “As a Nurse, I initially felt pretty skeptical about attending the QiGong training with Brendan. My days are spent in science based activities and Western medicine. I was really surprised when I was able to feel the energy between my hands and an unexplainable sense of joy and lightness during the first class. The benefits have been: sleeping more soundly, feeling more energized during the day, not feeling as overwhelmed during the day with stress, greatly reduced anxiety, feeling grounded and feeling more connected to other people. My diet and appetite has also changed for the better, I now crave healthier foods.” Lynn, Registered Nurse

  • Consultations & Private Lesson’s with Brendan Thorson

    Instructor Brendan Thorson LMP, has over 15 years experience practicing and learning this 5,000 year old science of energetic medicine. He has developed special abilities from his years of training to sense where his clients have energetic imbalances and how to use the Qigong (Energy Work) to help balance their energy system (Health & Vitality). He works with the organ and glandular systems, chakras and Acupuncture energy pathways. He also gives personalized Qigong guidance to each individual and additional guidance that could range from food, lifestyle choices, energy psychology (emotional and mental well being), to the incorporation of seeing other health care professionals. Brendan’s guidance will vary from client to client based on their individual situation.
    During Brendan’s Consultations:

    • Stage 1:
    • After initial consultation, he will energetically support and guide energy to specific areas of the client to upgrade and balance their energies.
    • Stage 2:
    • Energetically teach and practice specific qigong exercises with each individual client to further balance their health and energies. 
    • Stage 3:
    • Prescribe specific qigong exercises for the client to do at home. 

    Each consultation is personalized for each individual and the above session stages (1, 2, & 3) are often combined together during the sessions.

    Private Lessons:
    Private Lessons are for anyone from a first time student to a 10 or more year veteran of Qigong. They are all personalized for each individual regardless of their level of development and are for anyone seeking personalized guidance with their practice like:

    • A new or experienced student preferring private lessons over group classes
    • Someone wanting to get started with the a level of training before they can take it in a group class 
    • A student wanting to learn more advanced training or deepen their practice
    • A student seeking to move past an area that they are stuck  
    • An experienced student who wants personalized guidance and support with their practice and development
  • Sunday February 23, Elixer Field & Kidney Qigong for Self-Healing & Self-Care

    Sunday, February 23 at East West Bookshop Seattle

    1-2:30pm in Tea Garden $10
    Register Now!

    Over the past 5,000+ years the ancient Taoists discovered many secrets to healing and maintaining one’s health. Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! In this introductory class you will learn to activate your energy field and your internal energy system. We will focus on the activation and balancing of the Elixir Field (Dantian) and the Kidney Energy Centers. Join Yi Ren Qigong instructorBRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training to begin your journey.

    “Yi Ren Qigong healed my body and aligned my spirit. I started this practice over two years ago and am still amazed at the unfolding benefits that I feel. This practice has calmed my mind and given me increased spiritual clarity. My back has been dramatically healed after trying everything from pain killers to chiropractic work. I quit smoking cigarettes thanks to the deepening awareness of my body. I am stronger and more present in my body thanks to the increased connection to higher realms and the earth.”–Michael, Healer & Shaman

    A Vibrant Elixir Fieldis essential for one to maintain Powerful Regeneration Energies throughout life for enhanced vitality, longevity and creativity. The Elixir Field is our energy source for Self-Healing, Personal Growth and Spiritual Development. While the Kidneys are our Internal Power Station and having powerful kidney energy is necessary for one to have a strong and healthy body and mind. The kidneys are related to the strength of the bones and bone marrow.

    + Activation of the Kidney fire energies is a key to the activation of the Elixir Field
    + Deeper internal connection between the Kidneys and the Elixir Field enhances one’s internal healing powers
    + Our Elixir Field is more or less like our Energetic Bank Account–thus we want to keep our energetic bank account full so we will have the energy to live a full life. Just like one wants to have plenty of money saved for retirement. “In my experience, one’s energetic bank account is even more important than one’s financial bank account because you can always earn money if you are strong and healthy, but you cannot enjoy your life regardless how much money you have if you do not have your health.”

    Additional Benefits from the Development of the Elixir Field:
    + Help women get over premenopausal symptoms
    + Center to nourish our Motherly energies
    + Connects to the Moon energies

    Brendan has ongoingLevel 1 training and upcoming seminars

    Brendan has had articles published inQi Magazine:The Journal of Traditional Health and Fitness.

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