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    In Chinese medicine, they believe if you have Strong Kidney Energy then you are likely to have longevity, health and a quality life.  Regardless of age, many people have experienced appearing and feeling older than they desire too or than they believe they should look or feel. And sadly many of those people also believe nothing can be done to change their fate. But, I know that is not true, I have seen countless people who have studied Yi Ren® qigong, including myself, who have dramatically improved their energy levels, (from feeling exhausted all the time or feeling just less energy than you remember from 5-10 years ago). In addition, people naturally begin to look more and more beautiful. I have and continue to see people change dramatically in a matter of a few months. For example, I have watched people faces transform from tired and droopy to firmer and more refreshed, and others with lifeless and gaunt faces gradually become brighter, fuller and healthier. You too can become more beautiful and enlivened from Yi Ren qigong.

  • Transcending stress!! (Seattle Tai Chi & Qigong Training)


    Stress like most things in our lives needs to be in balance.  Too little stress and we become stagnant and do not grow.  However, too much stress from work, relationships and lifestyle is detrimental to our health, and is damaging to the nervous system and all the organ systems of the body.  Many people are aware of the negative impact stress can have on the heart system, like hypertension and high blood pressure.  Most of us have personally experienced how short periods of excessive stress can lead to muscle tension, irritability, impatience, a short temper, and poor communication with friends and loved ones.  Many of us have also experienced long-term stress, feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, and seen or experienced how it can cause people to develop undesirable behavior patterns in most areas of their life.

    Scientific research has found excessive stress to be the cause for anxiety, depression, and insomnia.  When stress is experienced over long periods of time it begins to create havoc in the body.  For example, in the case of Anxiety it causes the body to become overloaded with chemical bi-products that contaminate the body.  In regards to depression, it represses/inhibits the development of new nerve cell production necessary for feeling fresh.  And insomnia is the result of the body getting stuck in a hyper arousal state and, thus the body is unable to reach deep levels of relaxation necessary to fall asleep or reach deep levels of sleep.  With time the stress continues to grow and a domino affect begins to take place that can weaken all the bodies systems.

    I know from personal experience how stress can completely alter and degrade your health.  I once suffered from insomnia, anxiety and mild depression.  They all started out very mild and as time passed they progressed and became stronger to the point where my health and body inversely became weaker and weaker.   As a result, my life was very difficult and frustrating and my vitality continued to degrade as every month and year passed.  Every system of my body became weak and fragile.  I suffered from many weaknesses associated with every organ system. In addition, a few of the ones that stand out for me were the “chronic pains” fibromyalgia, I lived with throughout my body, the depleted immune system  that caused me to get sick almost every week  with a cold, Flu or serious allergy/sinus problems and the “exhaustion”, chronic fatigue syndrome.  To summarize I experienced and extreme case of how stress can negatively affect the quality of one’s health and life.

    Transcending Stress

    How do we overcome our stress?  Many people go on vacation, seek massage or counseling to manage their stress and associated problems.  And many people experience temporary results from those types of therapy.  But they are all short term relief because they do not improve the origin of the problem.  From the point of view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the best way to help someone overcome excessive stress and its side affects are too improve one’s energy levels so they can handle a greater amount of stress, eliminate the stressors stuck in the body, and heal or balance the unhealthy organ systems.

    In Brendan’s Yi Ren® Qigong and Tai chi classes you will learn exercises that will improve your energy levels and thereby your capacity for stress.  Nourish the nervous system to help you feel calmer and have a more peaceful mind.  Process/eliminate the damaging stress related pollutants trapped in the mind and body.  Begin to reprogram and rebalance unhealthy organ systems.  The goal of this workshop is to give the participants first hand experience of how these exercises can give them long term assistance and tools for overcoming stress and  enhance their health and quality of life.

  • Reverse The Aging Process!! & "Hormone Balancing"

    During this workshop Brendan will discuss the role and benefits Yi Ren® Taichi and Qigong can have on reversing the aging process specifically related to “Balancing and Strengthening Hormones”. It is common knowledge today that many people regardless of age, (20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s, or 70’s), can feel dramatically better, maintain their strength and possibly improve their strength from hormone replacement therapy.

    Unfortunately, hormone replacement is unnatural and as with most things that seem too good to be true, there are risks involved, (please Google, “Risks of Hormone Replacement Therapy”, to learn for yourself). But, I am happy to share with you that through the use of Yi Ren® Taichi and Qigong the body can begin to naturally create it’s own medicine like hormones. During this workshop I will explain the bridge between the anatomy and physiology of how Yi Ren® qi gong can nourish and correct the human body related to hormones. Come to this workshop and learn how a combination of taking YiRen® Taichi and Qigong classes and incorporating some of the exercises into a personal practice can make you look/feel younger and improve your hormone levels.

    But most importantly during this workshop we will spend a majority of the time learning Yiren Taichi and Qigong exercises.  Comfortable clothes and shoes suggested.

    Even if Hormone strength and balancing is not an issue for you this will still be a great class to attend:
    1. Build the energy field
    2. Recharge the Kidney Energy, the Life Gate/Kidneys
    3. Activate the major energy centers/Chakras
    4. And Much more…

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