Dreama’s Healing Journey w/ Yi Ren® Qigong

  • Yin & Yang

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Yin and Yang!  I am learning so much about how we are affected by Yin and Yang energies. Today was the second and last day of the Level 1 Seminar Weekend at The Noble School of Tai Chi and & Qigong Training in Seattle. My teacher, Brendan Thorson, carried us through a long day of learning, sharing and building our skills and knowledge of Yi Ren Qigong. It was wonderful and I am glowingly exhausted! I feel good essentially, though my body aches and is tired. But, I just can’t shake my smile.

    You see, I slept very little last night–maybe two hours–due to a headache and back pain. I really wanted to stay home and rest today. But, I promised I would be there and needed to keep my word and have some faith in my ability to heal. I took pain pills with me and a heating pad. I had a blanket and some food and a pillow. I was sure I would need them! But, surprisingly I found that after about an hour of Qigong energy work and practice, I felt almost well. A wonderful new friend there also shared these exceptional certified pure and organic essential oils.
    So, I stayed all day and benefited by learning more than I can begin to remember tonight. Now, I am ready for an early night. My hip aches and I am sure that I will have my share of pain until my body adjusts. But, I am so happy and also more confident by the day that I will be able to be healed by this work. Someday, I will hike again and play music for hours without paying the price of pain. Yes!!! Thanks, Brandon, once again! And, gratitude to Dr. Sun, who was the beginning of this work!


  • Level 1 Seminar Today

    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    Wow. I learned plenty. I am so very tired, yet excited. I ache pretty much all over. But, I did really well. This practice is no or very low impact and perfect for people with scoliosis. I am amazed that I made it through the whole day. I really would never have thought I could and I am so grateful that the teacher, Brendan, encouraged me.

    At one point today, I could really feel the energy in my hands and arms. It felt thick and tangible. Of course, there were many exceptional moments during the day where I felt in awe and humbled by the strength of the energy all around me. I feel pretty overwhelmed and very sleepy. I think this is something that will take some reflection on my part after resting.

    I learned today that the Yi Ren Qigong practice is very complex in it’s development. It will take years to feel competent, if I want to really study and develop my energy and health. Yet, I feel so different already. It’s hard to explain. I feel so grounded and yet energetic. It’s also all encompassing–holistic in approach. I will become more wise, intuitive and in touch with my wild woman self. This is something I have been striving for during these past years. I need real transformation!


  • Three things I thought of today…

    Friday, July 19, 2013

    I woke up early  this morning with a pretty bad headache. I did all kinds of massage and heat treatments hoping I could beat it without much luck. I had tons of computer work to do because of teaching classes and such. So, I had a quick breakfast and got to work. Tougher than pig iron, I am! Meaner than a rattlesnake. 🙂

    Anyway, late afternoon I became tired of suffering and went outside to the back yard. I did some stretching, some reiki for myself and a bit of Qigong…what I could remember. Then I made myself a nice big plate of watermelon and blueberries. I felt so much better and went tonight to my second Yi Ren Qigong introductory session. I had a great time. I always have some pain, but so far nothing I can’t handle. In fact, I feel more grounded, present and relaxed after the class.
    But during the day I had a realization of three things that I have carried from childhood and still hold onto in my life. These are things I think I am preparing to transform. When I was young, I was told to take my medicine, lay down and that I can’t do the things other people can do. So, I realized that I never take medicine, I do everything and I am always pushing myself to go, go, go! It’s only been in the last two years that I have consciously been learning to care for myself instead of everyone else. I learned from my teachers that one has to care for and tend her own fire, before she can care for those in her family and the greater community.
    Now I need to go rest and rejuvenate myself with sleep so that I can practice all day tomorrow in my first level Yi Ren Qigong seminar. Namaste!
  • First Days Learning

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    7/18/13****This is my healing journey. I hope to feel less pain, increased joy and more energy from learning Yi Ren Qigong.

    By Dreama Blankenbeckler

    Today I feel like celebrating and I really hope it stays with me. It’s such a new feeling for me. My journey with scoliosis has been difficult through the years. It started when I was ten years old and has continued to be a huge burden for me. Here I am at nearly sixty years old and most days I suffer from chronic pain in my back, neck, hips and legs. I have a double curve that is over 67 degrees at the L4/L5, and about 43 degrees in the thoracic region. Those of you who know anything about scoliosis will know what I have been going through most of my life. Braces and shoe lifts. Hundreds of sessions of physical therapy. Fear of surgeries needed. X rays galore. But, getting back to celebrating……

    I woke up this morning late for me and realized that I had slept straight through the night for the first time in years. And, though I am not pain free today, my pain is tolerable and my mood is light. Both of my feet feel like they are on the ground! Like I am balanced. It’s amazing and I am so very grateful! I had a sweet day with my favorite  ten year old singing and making art with elders in Adult Family Homes. Then, I flavored and stored a new batch of ginger kombucha I brewed.
    I believe this new feeling of wellbeing comes from my first Yi Ren Qigong introductory class last night from a wonderful teacher in Seattle, Brendan Thorson, at The Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong Training. It’s a pretty complex practice and I am going to have to work hard to learn. Because of my scoliosis, standing causes me pain. Laying down relieves it.  I admit I had a difficult time standing for a little over an hour last night.
    Well, time will tell! I am going to another one and half hour class tomorrow night. And, then on Saturday and Sunday, I will train all day! I just hope I can make it. Whenever I have my doubts, I push those thoughts away and act “as if” Qigong has already begun the healing process. Of course, my scoliosis will not go away. We rattlesnakes will always be curvy! But, I really expect to have much less pain, more hope for living a full life and plenty of more growth and learning!
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