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  • FREE Community Yi Ren Qigong Event of Health, Healing and Well-Being

    The Institute of Qigong & Integrative Medicine

    Invites You to a FREE Community Event of
    Health, Healing and Well-Being

    (two great talks, a group Yi Ren Qigong practice and community nourishment)

    Celebrate Fire!

    Fire may be the most celebrated and popular of the 5 elements! In its fullest form, fire is the expression of our love, joy, heart and mind, true self, and…summertime in Seattle! Learn more about the fire element and how it relates to Acupuncture and Yi Ren® Qigong, including 5-Element and Yin-Yang theories. Susie will also share insight on how to nurture, kindle and express our internal fire and prevent being burned by it.

    Susie Hayes, LAc, is a Licensed Acupuncturist practicing in Kirkland Washington. She graduated from Bastyr University in 1998 with a Masters in Acupuncture, is the founder of Energetic Medicine, and has lectured locally and nationally. Susie has been practicing Yi Ren Qigong with Dr. Sun for 2 ½ years and enjoys integrating her understanding of acupuncture and Energetic Medicine with her Qigong practice.

    Reversing the Aging Process with Yi Ren® Qigong
    Join Brendan for an introduction to Yi Ren Qigong as he shares his transformational healing journey with Yi Ren Qigong. With a focus on the chakras, organs and endocrine glands, Brendan will lead a group Qigong practice of simple and powerful Taoist “Qi” exercises to help reverse the aging process. Yi Ren Qigong is a self-healing modality involving slow movement, meditation, intention and breathing. It is also profoundly beneficial for healers (Reiki) and students of Shamanism.

    Brendan Thorson, LMP, is a TaiChi and certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructor at The Noble School of TaiChi & Qigong Training, Wu Hsing Tao School of Acupuncture and East West Bookshop. He has been practicing Qigong and TaiChi for over 15 years.

    Yi Ren Qigong Group Practice led by Brendan Thorson
    Community Nourishment prepared by Amy Putiri, MS CN

    Friday, June 15th 2012
    7:30 – 9:30 PM
    University Heights, room 209
    5031 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105                    206.290.6072                

  • Introductory Yi Ren® Qigong & Taichi Class

    Transforming PMS & Neg Attitudes/ Emotions w/ Yi Ren Qigong

    Thursday, April 5 at East West Seattle 6500 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115
    Secrets to Transforming PMS and Negative Emotions
    7-8:30 pm $10 Register Now!

    Register Now!

    Would you like to find your fountain of youth? Over the past 5,000+ years the Ancient Taoist discovered many secrets to health, happiness, vitality and longevity. Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! Yi Ren Qigong instructor BRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of the Wu Hsing Tao School of Acupuncture and The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training has personally transformed his health and life from Yi Ren Qigong. Join Brendan for an introduction to Yi Ren Qigong and learn simple and powerful transformative Taoist “Qi” exercises for the Chakras, Organs and Endocrine Glands to reverse the aging process.

  • Connect To the Teaching of the Ancient Taoist Masters

    Introductory Yi Ren® Qigong Class

    Saturday 2/18, 7-9pm $10

    At The Ascension Into Light Foundation:
    1222 S. Weller St.
    Seattle, WA 98144

    Would you like to find your fountain of youth? Over the past 5,000+ years the Ancient Taoist discovered many secrets to health, happiness, vitality and longevity. Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! Yi Ren Qigong instructor BRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of the Wu Hsing Tao School of Acupuncture, East West Bookshop and The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training has personally transformed his health and life from Yi Ren Qigong. Join Brendan for an introduction to Yi Ren Qigong and learn simple and powerful transformative Taoist “Qi” exercises for the Chakras, Organs and Endocrine Glands to reverse the aging process.


    Download light energies for Awakening, Enlightenment, Refinement and Transformation

    Benefits Include:

    1. Activation of Life-Gate/ Kidneys (Bodies Internal Power Station) 
    2. Improve Energy Levels, & Sleep
    3. Activate Energy Field, Chakras & Acupuncture Pathways
    4. Balance Hormones: Enhance Vitality
    5. Self-Healing, Stay Healthy & Vibrant & More…



  • Student Experiences Real Microcosmic Orbit (Small Universe)

    By Brendan Thorson 1/17/2012,

    This past weekend at the level-1 weekend seminar a student who has been taking classes regulary for the past couple of years began to feel the Small Universe Circulation reach a deeper level than he had ever felt before hand.  After we completed the Small Universe Enhancing Exercise, the gentleman told the class that he felt the ciculation of his small universe deep inside his body and he could follow a flow of energy up his back and then down the front and that circulation continued the same path…

    Microcosmic Orbit

    Prior to this past Sunday he had felt the Microcosmic Orbit–(name used by Mantak Chia to describe the circulation of the energy flow of the combination of the Du and Ren Meridians) before, but it was much more superficial.  This time he could actually feel/ follow a warm sensation travel/ circulate inside of his body (the circuit of the small universe).

    1. Benefits of the Small Universe Circulation:
    2. Create Internal Energy
    3. Create balance between all the different energy centers
    4. Balance the Yin and Yang Energies
    5. Circulate the refined reproductive energies from the reproductive area up the spine to nourish:
      • the brain, energy centers, organs, or other areas of the body where the energy can enhance health and vitality


    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Gratitude to Master Bruce Frantzis. The power of counseling/ therapy w/ Yi Ren® Qigong

    By Brendan Thorson 1/12/2012,

    One of my most dedicated students began searching for ways to improve the quality of his life and originally learned about Tai chi from books by the Famous Tai chi and Qigong teacher Bruce Frantzis.  I would like to thank Bruce Frantzis and all the other Qigong and Tai chi instructors for helping to spread the word about this type of training to the general public for the betterment of humanity.

    The gentleman noted above has now been studying Yi Ren Qigong for the past 2+ years and has made remarkable upgrades with his health and a clearer understanding how to manage his mind- body-emotions.  This has been accomplished as a result of his internal “Qi” practice-resulting in Self-Understanding/ Realization, Self-Acceptance, (little steps of enlightenment) on his path towards Greater-Enlightenment and Complete Self-Actualization.

    At this stage in American culture Counseling and Therapy is an accepted and credible form of Therapy for many people and issues.  I have personally witnessed how powerful the combination of Yi Ren Qigong can have with people who have been involved with therapy for months and years…. once they begin a combination of both Yi Ren Qigong and Therapy/Counseling change can occur at a fast rate.  While others focus on the Yi Ren Qigong and seek advice from friends, associates and family during there healing and transformation process.  You may be asking your self why is the integration of both therapy and Yi Ren Qigong so powerful?

    I see an amazing future of Therapy/ Counseling in conjunction with Yi Ren Qigong.

    Through the training process of Yi Ren Qigong we make much greater connection between our mind and body and with time are able to realize what truly nourishes us and what does not, appropriate and not appropriate and redirect our energies to areas that help us grow with our internal depth not ego and then we can begin to find much more internal peace and intention of how to live our life in accordance with the Tao.



  • Qigong Healing Sessions… Qigong vs. Reiki

    People ask me how qigong healing is different than Reiki?

    By Brendan Thorson, 12/11/2012

    Energy Healing (

    I recall about 15 years ago when I was in massage school taking a weekend class in Reiki.  During that weekend training we spent almost all of the time either giving or recieving Reiki to the other participants of the class.  Based on what I recall today,  it was a very relaxing class and experience for me, I do not remember feeling anything that really jumped out at me and made me feel like I wanted to either learn more Reiki or offer it to any of my Massage clients.  But if I recall correclty I remember, while we were giving reiki to another person, we would set out hands on certain areas of their body related to the location of the Chakras with the intention of allowing energy from the universe to pass through our body into the person we were working on.

    Now far removed from that first and only Reiki class 15 years ago, I have now spent the past 12+ years practicing and teaching Yi Ren® Qigong and offering occasional Qigong Healing Sessions.  Even though I did not have a profound experience during my one and only Reiki experince I know it can be a very powerful form of healing and has helped many people, and I have heard personal experiences from a few people that have impressed me too.

    Before writing this article I took a peak at couple of Reiki Schools and practitioners websites to see what they said about their healing sessions…  What I learned from my short investigation is that there are many different styles and levels of Reiki healers.  Some integrate many different styles of healing including Reiki and others appear to only use REiki.

    From what I read, the one thing that still stands out to me that is completely different between the qigong healing I have learned from my personal Qigong practice and training is that we/ I, from my energy body development, have the ability to activate the specific area/s on my body that I want to work with on another person (client) and then from there I can send the universal energies.  [from my experience there are many different kinds of universal energies, Heaven (stars, planets, spirit world…), Earth (lakes, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, mountains…), Plants ( trees, flowers, herbs…)  the list goes on and on].  I will also use different hand Mudras to activate and focus on different internal energies too like the Liver/Gallbladder, Lymphatic (Spleen)/Reproductive, Heart/Small Intestine, Pancreas/Stomach, Lungs/Large Intestine, Kidney/Urinary Bladder, Extraordinary Meridians etc.

    During my healing sessions I listen to my bodies internal feelings for guidance and begin to guide the energy/ies to the areas where my feedback system tells me to send the energies to, like the energy centers, chakras, organs, energy pathways, bones, joints, muscles, tendons…  and while sending energy to specific areas I will connect to specific universal energies that have abundant energies to the area of the body I want to upgrade, for instance Bears have incredible kidney energy so I can request help from the Bear energy to help out someone with low kidney energies and this would apply to all different levels of spirit and universal energies too.  In addition, I would not directly call upon the assistance of Guan Yin the bodhisattva of Compassion for someone with low kidney energy who have low internal Will, Confidence and Courage, but instead stick with the bear energy and call upon the Virtues of the Kidneys like Confidence, Courage, Will and Wisdom to directly assist the person with what I see as there highest need at that time (transformation of excess negative kidney emotions like low Self-Esteem, excess Fear, and Paranoia’s into Virtues of the Kidneys, similar to deleting spam from your computer so it can function at a higher level).   Also, during my healing session I use my knowledge and understanding of the Yin/Yang and the 5-elements knowledge for healing too.  I hope that gives you a better idea of how the qigong healing I do is different than Reiki.  

    Ideally after doing some healing sessions the client will choose to sign up for my Yi Ren Qigong classes then they will be able to truly work on their personal healing and transformation prsocess, learn about them-self, and take higher accountability for their life.  As the saying goes:

    “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day.
    Teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime.”

    – Chinese Proverb

                 Energy Centers                                (close to the surface of the body)


    Chakras (deep inside the body)

    Organ energy pathways:












    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Yi Ren® Medical Qigong and Mental Health, Delusions, Paranoia… Miss Wiring in the Brain…

    Yi Ren Qigong has the potential over time to rewire the mind, body and DNA.

    By Brendan Thorson 12/9/2011,

    About twenty months ago a lady, we will call her Abby, attended one of my classes and it was clear to me that something was not working properly in her system (or wiring in her brain) out of touch with reality and very child like in many aspects of her self.  Her eyes were constantly twitching and it was clear to me that the wiring in her mind was off  andout of balance, had lots of paranoia about other people following her around town and the country as she moved from location to location through her life, would occasionally ask questions that made me realize they were not all here on earth and in some ways in another world or dimension that no one else could connect to (even other people who were very connected to the spirit world) and she was also completely ungrounded too.  She liked the class, thought the energy feelings were very Fascinating and has now been coming back to the classes steadily since April of 2010.

    From the first time I met Abby I was confident she could make some amazing progress with her health and quality of life from regular practice of Yi Ren Medical Qigong.  But I had never worked with someone with this same condition before.  Over the first year she made some great progress with her mental health and seamed to be getting happier and more balanced overall.  During that first year she took numerous level one courses, level two courses and the Moving with qi class.  I was trying to have her focus on getting more grounded because I could tell that was a major imbalance of hers.  I was hesitant for her to take the level three class because that class creates a better connection between practitioners and Universal Energies and therefore I was concerned that she would get more out of touch with reality from level three if she was not more grounded first.

    Finally in the Spring of 2011 I decided to have her join the level three class and to my amazement she did not get less grounded at all, but instead has began to shown very clear signs that her brain is functioning much clearer, her eyes were twitching less and I could tell that some rewiring process of the brain was occurring from the level three training.  At this time 12/2011 Abbey is about to complete her third time taking the Level Three Series and the progress she has made is amazing.  Level Three works to nourish and develop the Nervous System, Brain and the Endocrine system, as an outsider I have witnessed the amazing reorganization of Abbey’s brain… and becoming more and more normal and less eccentric. After every round of the level three class she makes huge strides with her reality with all the other students and it is clear to me that with time her delusional thoughts are diminishing too.  Now when I see Abbey she is a completely different person than I recall from our first meeting let alone just three months ago!

    Over the last month I have heard from a handful of students who have know Abbey since she first started taking classes and they are all amazed and delighted that she now can sit down and talk to them in a very relaxed and casual way.  While before hand she would only say a few words here and there and at times would talk about some things that most people were unable to understand or connect to.

    Some people have said they thought she was Schizophrenic or delusional.  I did not know what specific problem she had or not based on Western Medicine.  But I knew Yi Ren Qigong could transform Abby and her life.  To Abbey’s credit she has been very steady with the classes and her dedication is paying off.  We will see what the future holds for Abbey, but I hope she continues to come to classes and look forward to what will happen after taking the level three classes steady for the next six months or year!


    Congratulations Abbey for your commitment and dedication to your health and interest in Qigong!!

    Thank you Dr. Sun and all the Taoist Ancestors for all of your support!!


    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Qigong Student seeking Mantak Chia’s training is amazed with Yi Ren® Qigong

    Microcosmic Orbit

    By Brendan Thorson, 12/9/2011

    I received an email from a gentleman in early October 2011.  He noted he is very interested in learning qigong and has been studying qigong from one of Mantak Chia’s books.  During our first few emails and conversations he let me know that he wanted to study qigong, but was only looking for a style of Qigong where he would be able to develop the “Microcosmic Orbit” as Mantak Chia calls the circulation of the energy through the combined Du and Ren Meridians (or known as the Governing and Conception Channels).  I assured him that in Yi Ren qigong we begin to develop the microcosmic orbit in the level one class.

    I am happy to share that yesterday during his 5th class, 10hrs. into his training we did the Small Universe Developing Exercise and the Small Universe Enhancing Exercise and after we completed the small universe enhancing exercise I asked him if he felt the small universe circulation (“small universe” is Yi Ren qigong’s name for the microcosmic orbit) and he told me and the rest of the class with a big grin on his face that Yes, he did experience the Small Universe Circulation.  He also mentioned something to the affect that he is amazed at how powerful the Yi Ren Qigong is….

    After class he told me he is really looking forward to starting the Yi Ren Level Two training (where we switch our focus from the small universe and development of the major energy centers along the Du and Ren meridians to the twelve organ energy pathways commonly used in acupuncture.

    Organ energy pathways:


    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Kidney Picture E1321526625407

    Yi Ren Qigong student (13yr old) says Kidneys feel like Hot Coals

    By Brendan Thorson 11/17/2011

    A new student during there second qigong class tells class they feel so hot in there lower back that it was challenging for them to focus on other energy centers during exercises tonight.  Said the feelings in his Kidneys were like hot coals (two hot coals, one in the location of the left kidney and the other in the location of the right kidney) and reminded them of his Grandpa taking Red-Hot Coals out of the fire/ Barbecue and setting them on the ground!

    Dr. Sun once shared that one of his teachers, Master Wang the 13th generation Lineage holder of the Internal Elixer Daoist Sect, said the Kidneys can reach the temperature of 200 degrees.  When the Kidneys are working at 200 degrees they

    1. Purify the blood
    2. Transform and refine many negative unhealthy energies like Fears and Paranoi’s to Virtues like Courage, Confidence, Freedom, Wisdom and Internal Will
    3. Also, when the Kidneys are functioning at a super high level (the thousand/s of diseases that man suffers from will be cured) man will not experience all these diseases that man suffers from… (taking all the drugs, and creams to treat all the symptoms and not the origin/cause of the problem).

    In Chinese Medicine they say if the Kidneys are weak then people can have health issues including:

    1. Infertility, slow development and early senility
    2. Sore and weak lower back
    3. Weak body and bones
    4. Ringing in the ears
    5. Impotence
    6. Asthma
    7. and many more problems too


    Continued Yi Ren Qigong training from the above mentioned student will help them live up to their life potential’s and give them health and wisdom far beyond the average human! -Brendan 11/16/11



    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Yi Ren® Qigong Sunday 11/20 at East West Bookshop Seattle

    1:30- 3pm $10.

    Yi Ren® Qigong- Connect to the teachings of the ancient taoist masters!

    People travel the sacred places of Asia looking for the secret teachings of the Taoists, Yogis, and Buddhist.  And they do not realize that the secret teachings of the Ancient Taoists Masters are available right here in Seattle…

    Someone recently asked me about my classes and told me they wanted to study taichi and qigong.

    Because of my personal experiences with other forms of qigong and numerous opportunities to share yi ren qigong with other qigong and taichi instructors that have taken my classes….  It has been very clear to me since my first class with Dr. Sun that Yi Ren qigong is in my opinion is hands down the most authentic (real) qigong available to the general public.

    I recently received and email from a person interested in studying Qigong and or Taichi.  Because of my experiences in both practicing and teaching Yi Ren Qigong I feel obligated to do my best to share with them how (in my opinion) yi ren qigong is superior and far different than other forms of Qigong and Taichi because I want to do my best to help guide them to yi ren qigong before they find another type (like I did before) and go through the motions without any deep benefit (like trying to drive your car to your destination but your car is stuck in neutral so you can not get to your destination or the places you will stop at and pass on your journey).  Below is my short response to the above noted email:

    “I am not sure what you know about qigong or Yi Ren qigong, but I would like to share with you that yi ren qigong is completely different than anything else out there being offered.  With Yi Ren qigong we initially focus on working with the energy and activation of our energy system, (most other systems in my opinion are very superficial they focus on breathing, movement and or sounds without the real Qi activation) we activate all the major energy centers and acupuncture pathways to improve health, balance and energy levels.  But our qi activation and development is just our starting point (or warming up aspect) then with the alive energy body and better integration between the mind and body we then begin to upgrade and learn on a personal level how to truly take care of ourselves and understand our true nature (working to rid ourselves of our old unhealthy programs and then upgrading ourselves with our new awareness’s) and with time as our awareness levels continue to improve then we continue to refine and transform ourselves.  

    We really want to learn how to be wiser and wiser to bring us better happiness, health and enhanced life.”  -Brendan

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