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  • Patrick W. Tacoma WA. Attorney 1/7/2015

    “When I first signed up for the Level 1 Yi Ren qigong weekend seminar with Brendan Thorson I was a little skeptical about the whole seminar. A close friend of mine had recommended the seminar because he had received great benefits from it, but I still had my doubts about qigong in general. On the very first day, I was surprised to discover how practical and ‘down to earth’ the Yi Ren qigong seminar was in general. I also appreciated Brendan’s personal account of how the practice had transformed his own life. I was also surprised to experience an undeniable healing energy working in my body during and after the seminar ended. It became readily apparent that the practice was not just theoretical, but that I could receive immediate benefits from the practice. I would highly recommend taking qigong classes from Brendan. He is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, but he is also not afraid to address any concerns or questions that you have in regard to the practice. Take his class and you will not regret it.”

  • Brittany L. Woodinville, WA. 11/22/2015

    I was briefly introduced to Qi Gong while I was attending a program at Evergreen State College back in 2013. A few years after I returned to Seattle I decided to find a real Qi Gong expert (Master) nearby to help me resolve reoccurring disruptive thoughts and emotional instabilities. Throughout the years I have tried many forms of treatment (both traditional and non-traditional) in hopes to recover my vitality and stop the destructive cycle of addiction, paranoia, and depression in my life. Some types of treatment I’ve tried have helped some haven’t; nonetheless, the help I received before was limited and my search for the cure lead me back to Qi Gong. While investigating online I found Brendan’s website (, after reading through the site I decided to reach out to him.

    During all of our personal sessions I’ve felt safe, fully attended to, and free to ask questions or share feelings I was experiencing. His teaching style is empowering, grounding, and comprehensive. In addition to teaching he offered DVD’s and a manual (for purchase) to reinforce what was taught. Brendan Thorson has been teaching Qi Gong for over a decade and it shows! His presence has instilled trust, curiosity, and awareness within me. Another strong quality Brendan has is his patience to complete a lesson and flexibility to find a time that works for you.

    I will continue to follow his lead; I am so excited to see what lies ahead. Reflecting over the last few weeks the most significant changes I’ve noticed are emotional. Often times after we finish a practice I feel more in touch with my body, mental clarity, and openness to engage with others without losing my sense of self. The urge to use or react to triggers is slowly starting to diminish. Old vicious thinking/behavior patterns are starting to become weakened and hollow. The voyage to health continues. I encourage anyone else who is interested in regaining internal balance to contact him!

  • Tonya. LMT, Reiki Master & Acupuncture Intern. Boulder, CO. 11/23/2015

    Brendan’s Qigong instruction was the best I have ever received. Why? Because the skills I learned from him helped to save my life. A few years ago I was thrown an unexpected challenge that knocked me off balance in a big way. I wasn’t sure how I could cope let alone recover and hopefully flourish. As fate would have it, I soon found myself in one of Brendan’s Introductory sessions. At the end of that one hour I felt so much better and asked if I could immediately start a series of sessions with him.

    In the months that followed I learned many things I didn’t know including ways to connect with and increase my own energy. I started to become comfortable in my body as a sense of ease and deep peace began to grow. Most importantly, I learned to reach for the positive and be kinder to myself.

    I’ve known several people who have benefited from Brendan’s healing sessions, including a dear friend who was very sick and near the end of her life. In his genuine and caring way, Brendan tuned into each of our specific circumstances and tailored the sessions to our individual needs.

    Brendan is truly a gifted teacher and healer who practices what he teaches and shares what he knows. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a little, or a lot, of support, understanding and help with their personal growth.

    Tonya Rehder-Zarlengo
    LMP, Reiki Master Teacher and Acupuncture Intern
    Boulder, CO

  • Andrew G. Seattle WA. 11/5/2015

    I’ve had the good fortune to come across Brendan as a Qi Gong Student and quickly noticed how patient, thorough and knowledgeable Brendan was with the application of focused awareness. He has displayed in-depth knowledge of the Qigong system that he teaches (Yi Ren) and was instrumental in advancing my interest to take serious approach to this system as a life-changing modality that I had long searched for, often in vain. I was encouraged by the process that was applied in finding contact with my body’s internal energy and noticed during the seminar work many energetic openings inside of my body that gave me indication that i was relaxing into a deeper state, letting go of long-held old tensions/fears that I had been previously unable to do on my own or with other practitioners. Similarly with his body work techniques he has shown that he is very strong and firm, consistent yet gentle. Brendan applies (apparently) very advanced knowledge of the body’s structure and function to enable release of long held aches and pains, as well as emotional burdens that are held unconsciously. If you are not in a hurry and want to find a path that will bring you to inner peace, I recommend Brendan For his Qi Gong teaching and experience. I have had 3 other Qi Gong instructors, and none of them came close to the depth and breadth of knowledge and power that he brings to the room. If you have body work needs and can handle deep body work, then he is also an excellent choice.


  • Urs W. Moscow ID. 11/28/2015

    My experience with Brendan’s therapeutic approach to connect mind and body has turned out to be extremely helpful. In the last two years, his knowledge and guidance helped me in coping with my pains and stiffnesses. Also, I have noticed that since I practice the YiRen QiGong with Brendan, I feel emotionally and physically more stable and more joyful than before. I also appreciate that he has been able to give me very simple exercises for my daily routine, which still noticeably improve my condition.

    Brendan works very thoroughly and is very sensitive in finding the right treatment for your specific situation. I fully recommend Brendan’s movement therapeutic approach.

  • After years of PT, Massage Finally Releases My Arm & Shoulder. Nancy, September 2009

    I did physical therapy for two years for my stuck shoulder and arm, but it didn’t improve. So I decided to see if Brendan could help me with his massage. After one session with Brendan, my arm and shoulder was moving without pain and stiffness. Brendan did deep massage above my shoulder and under my armpit to break up the stiff muscles and my arm and shoulder finally feel normal again.

  • A Superior Massage. Susan, October 2009.

    I went to see Brendan for a massage to help me out with chronic lower back pain. I’m in my mid 30’s, self employed and have a 10yr. old child and get massage for my back pain a couple of times a month. Normally when I get a massage I would always get some relief from my lower back pain, but it would never completely disappear. Brendan was able to get my back muscles to completely loosen up and let go. Massage from Brendan was a truly amazing!

  • My Back is like new again! Ed C., September 2009

    I exercise regularly and do my best to take care of myself, get massage about once a month, but my back would always feel a little stiff, tight and heavy. Then, I had a massage session with Brendan and he did his myofascial release work on my back. After the first session, all of the tension and tightness had disappeared from my back. I could not believe how different I felt after the massage. I have had 50-100 massages in my life and I have never experienced anything like that before. I could sense Brendan was a good massage therapist from the confidence he exudes, but once he began working on me I understood his massage skills were very high and his myofascial release massage was so much different than anything I had ever experienced before. Honestly, as soon as he began working on me I felt that this was the type of massage my body had been craving for years. He worked very slow, methodically and with precision. He also had me do stretches and movements throughout the session that I could feel were resetting my muscles.

  • Introductory Class


    Introductory Class, May 5th.

    Yi Ren® Qigong: Energy Activation & Informational with Instructor Brendan Thorson

    (Open to all. Beginning to advanced qigong students)

    Experience and learn the theory behind medical qigong from an anatomical, physiological, and psychological perspective to enhance mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Receive insight regarding some of the numerous health benefits of qigong for self-care, strengthening and balancing the vitality of all the human anatomical systems like the immune, nervous and endocrine systems for a stronger immune system, and improved sleep quality. We will also, do qigong exercises to activate our energy field, the kidneys and relax the Adrenal Glands to support the participants to sense the energy feel refreshed, recharged and relaxed all at the same time.

    • May 5th 2016

    • When: Thursday, 5/5, 7- 7:55pm
    • Where: University Heights Community Center. 5031 University Way NE #109. Seattle, WA 98105
    • How Long: 7- 7:55pm
    • Cost:$10
    • Full Time Student:$5
    • Purchase Options:

      REGISTER >

    “Brendan’s Qigong class is the best Self-Care I have found in over 25 years. I am amazed at how little I react to stressful moments. My severe anxiety issues are gone & my energy levels stay constant throughout the day.” Jill Morris, LNP, LMP, RMT
    “As a Nurse, I initially felt pretty skeptical about attending the QiGong training with Brendan. My days are spent in science based activities and Western medicine. I was really surprised when I was able to feel the energy between my hands and an unexplainable sense of joy and lightness during the first class. The benefits have been: sleeping more soundly, feeling more energized during the day, not feeling as overwhelmed during the day with stress, greatly reduced anxiety, feeling grounded and feeling more connected to other people. My diet and appetite has also changed for the better, I now crave healthier foods.” Lynn, Registered Nurse

  • Skype / Online Yi Ren Qigong Classes & Sessions by Brendan Thorson

    Brendan Thorson is offering online / Skype Yi Ren Qigong private lessons and qigong consultations for people who live in other countries, states, or for anyone anywhere who can’t physically meet for a private session. Unlike most

    online qigong classes

    these will be live classes not video classes. As a result, students receive individualized instruction and guidance for their training. In addition, students will receive the necessary and needed energy transmission from Brendan to support the student to truly turn on, activate and develop their energy body.

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