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  • Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Commonly Attack my Feet and Toes!

    Psychotic Taoist masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Commonly use evil qi to Attack my Feet and Toes to cause pain and misery!

    These sick qigong masters are wickedly evil and always want to cause me pain and misery and try to influence my thoughts and actions. One thing they do to try and control me is attack my feet. At times they will cause lots of pain in the toes by going into the energy channels and causing lots of pressure and stagnation right in the toes so my toes will hurt and be inflamed. Sick qigong teacher Guan Cheng Sun, like in most situations would spam me and other students to try and give us the impression he has had “X” pain or experience, by telling students sometimes that he gets toe pain from students or other people’s “bad qi” going into his feet and toes. Then, to give the impression he actually had pain he would pull on his toes or tap on his feet. I saw him do it numerous times as a way to trick me to think that if my feet or toes begin to hurt that it is okay because he does to. But in actuality he does it because he and his secret qigong master partners want to inflict pain and torture on students and since he supposedly has “bad qi” go into his feet and he is the qigong master how could a student possibly believe they are experiencing something bad or uncommon if the teacher is also having similar experiences.

    If you read my blog comparing the Truman Show movie to Yi Ren qigong then you should understand that the foot and toe pain noted above is directly related to the qigong masters controlling the students energy experiences so they can just plain old cause other people lots of pain and misery to try and scare students and control their thoughts and actions.

    But in actuality that is what a big part of Yi Ren qigong was like for some students. The Qigong masters are plain old evil and they get off on causing terror to their students while at the same time trying to give the impression to the students that that is what they also experience. However, in actuality the qigong masters rarely feel discomfort from “bad qi” or “evil qi” because unlike the students, the masters have exceptionally strong protection energy in their body, so it is very unlikely they ever have pain from other peoples energy. In fact, when energy comes at them from outside sources they are able to capture it and use it in any way they want to like send it to students or people they want to do negative things or they can transform or compost the energy from one type of energy to another so they can use for their personal energy system.

  • Devil Qigong Masters Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang Give Me Nose Sore to Make Me Look Bad

    Evil qigong masters Guan Cheng Sun Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang have  done endless negative things to stop me from reaching my potential and cause me so much misery and grief and have actually gave me sores in my nose for years so I would look sick and unhealthy.

    Over the past month I began getting a sore in the right side of my nose which causes the front of my nose to look similar to Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer. This is something that I had for two to three years back in the first five years of my studying Yi Ren qigong with Guan Cheng Sun. Back then I was completely spammed by them to think they were helping me with my healing and the long term nose sore was part of my healing instead of evil qi they were using on me to decrease the chance of finding an amazing woman I would fall in love with and marry.

    To trick me into thinking  that my nose sore was a part of my qigong healing process they took me on about a three year journey with my nose to deceive me. They began to spam me with the nose sore by first causing me to get sore in my nose that took months to heal. Later a few times while I was practicing qigong energy shot out of my dantian/ lower abdomen constantly for a few minutes that went directly to where the nose sore was. After the energy connected to the nose sore I could feel the energy becoming very active and moving all around right where the nose sore was and I could clearly tell the energy was helping the nose sore to heal. Then in the coming weeks it did not heal all the way and I again ended up with sore in the right side of my nose and had the Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer look. A few months later after getting the red nose look and never ending sore in my nose I recall telling Guan Cheng Sun about my nose issue and asked him if I had any serious health problems with my nose. He instantaneously told me that my nose sore was directly related to a part of my lungs healing and it was not anything I needed to worry about related to my health. Since I knew he was a qigong master, I had experienced so many amazing qi experiences from the qigong both inside and outside of my body from his teaching, and knew he was aware about my health on a deep level, and believed what he told me because he had previously told me I had lung weaknesses and I needed to do qigong lung exercises to heal them. Thus, when he told me the sore was connected to lung issues I had been completely set up by him to believe what he was telling me was true. As noted above, now that I know he and his sick friends have told me and energetically show me each and every day that they do this negative stuff to me, I now see that by them doing this to me again is a way for them to show me they were responsible for my nose sore many years ago and they do it to try and make me look bad and less attractive to a woman who could potentially be a great wife for me.

    So now that I know that Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and his brother Xue Zhong Wang are basically the devil and have been destroying all aspects of my life for the past 28 years I know that it is them doing it to me again. They have caused me to be single and have sabotaged the possibility of me having a relationship and getting married ever since I was married when I first began taking  Yi Ren qigong classes from Guan Cheng Sun back in 1999. They wanted me to be single and not in a relationship so I would be less happy, more frustrated, less healthy and an easier target for them to do negative things to. The other day I was telling one of my friends about all this crazy stuff that they have done to me to destroy my health, personal life and business life with a goal of trying to make it so I am unhappy, frustrated, don’t have many friends and I am by my self much of the time… He told me based on his understanding of religion that what they were doing to me would be work of the devil.

  • Taoist Master Guan Cheng Sun is Evil, has lied and tricked Yi Ren Qigong Students Since Day One

    Taoist master Guan Cheng Sun has lied to and deceived Yi Ren qigong  students and community since he began teaching in Seattle.

    He and his secret qigong master partners Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang, like in the movie the Truman Show, control the qigong experience for all Yi Ren qigong students which includes massive levels of manipulation to peoples lives, energy theft, damage to some students health and energy attacks. Every students experience will be different. Some will have heavy amounts of negative experiences like me and others will have very little.

    To begin, based on my understanding, Yi Ren means the student of Yi Ren qigong connects to the Tao through the Yi Ren qigong practice. The tao meaning nature or the universe. So to begin my explanation, he is complete lier about Yi Ren connecting students to the Tao, because in actuality what I have recently discovered is that the whole experience of all Yi Ren Qigong practitioners were and are controlled and manipulated by Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang so they can steal students energy and manipulate them. It also appears pretty clear that Xue Zhong Wang is the leader the thee qigong masters, so it should probably have had a name like Wang energy stealing, attacking and manipulating qigong. Thus, the complete qigong experience is controlled and manipulated by those three sick qigong masters who are pure evil and steal energy from everyone.

    Explanation of Truman Show:

    Truman is a man whose life is a fake one. The place he lives is, in fact, a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show.

    Below is some additional information about Truman Show from

    For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it is a story about a man named Truman (Jim Carrey) who was born and raised in a movie set. This set is the size of a small town, and is enclosed by a large dome that, when looked upon from the ground, looks the same way our sky looks with changing weather patterns and a sun that rises and falls.

    Truman’s whole existence is this movie set. In fact, it is all he has ever known. He was born and raised on set, and now goes to work, comes home to his wife and hangs out with his best friend drinking a few beers here and there. But he doesn’t realize his entire life is a stage and everyone – from his wife, best friend, co-workers, policemen, newspaper boy, etc – are all actors who are part of a production that is being broadcasted to the entire world 24/7. Truman is an unwitting guinea pig, manipulated by a television conglomerate and used for the world’s entertainment.

    In some ways the Yi Ren Qigong experience will be very controlled and manipulated like described in the Truman Show.

    Back in October of 2020 Guan Cheng Sun told me I would take his position as the next lineage holder of Yi Ren Qigong and all the terror and horror that has occurred to my health, quality of life and basically the living hell I had been living since starting Yi Ren qigong back in 1999 was from him. After he shared that information with me he continued to basically make my life a living hell and would not stop, but now I assumed it was him and his evil wife Jill Gonet causing me all the problems. Then, in the May of 2021 I called two qigong masters Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang who are both from a long history of famous Chinese doctors and qigong masters to ask for their help against the non-stop violation of my life from Guan Cheng Sun. However, during a conversation I had with Xue Zhong Wang I was told that Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang were working as a team to do all of this EVIL stuff to me.

    Then, after that day both of the Wang brothers began talking to me on the spiritual level and showed me that they were part of the endless violation against my life and true partners with Guan Cheng Sun in the Yi Ren qigong scam. As time continued it seemed clear that Xue Zhi Wang, the oldest of all three qigong masters, was messing with me more than the other two and most likely the leader of the three nasty masters. Then back in June, about a month later, I had two sessions with shaman Dr. Linda Kingsbury In the first session with Dr. Linda she easily identified Guan Cheng Sun, his wife Jill Gonet, the two Wang brothers Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang were all attached to my energy field and were responsible for all of the evil energy that has been and continues to be put on me for over 20 years.

  • Many Students Have Been Energetically Attacked, Became Scared and Stopped Yi Ren Qigong

    Evil Taoists Xue Zhi Wang, brother Xue Zhong Wang, and partner Guan Cheng Sun steal students energy and have a contract with Devil to get spiritual payments for scaring qigong students, making their lives extra difficult and stopping them from learning qigong and also get payments when the students make spiritual progress.

    Many yi ren qigong students and teachers are energetically attacked, terrorized and put through hell from qigong masters Xue Zhi Wang, brother Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun.

  • Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Leak Qi From Me If I Use Chinese Herbs

  • Yi Ren Qigong Is Not Yi Ren but Secretly Manipulated Wang Family Qigong To Do Evil To Students

    Xue Zhi Wang appears to be the real lineage holder of what was once called Yi Ren Qigong…. And he is the evil like the devil and


    They create false tao and maniupulate students

    Hopefully I will actually become a true lineage holder, like these psychos have told me I will be, so I can offer authentic qigong to students instead of the nasty yi ren or so many of these other totally weak and pathetic forms of qigong that it appears most teachers from China teach to more or less waste students time outside of China. I have never actually heard of a non Chinese true qigong master like the high level one’s from China. Based on my observation all of the non-Chinese Supposed qigong masters of Chinese teachers are not what would be considered a qigong master in China, but instead a higher level qigong practitioner. Don’t have the strenght or high level of development to rise up to the heavens and talk with the actual lineages in heaven to see what is going on above the

  • Qigong Masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Use Evil Qi To Cause Students To Injure Toes

  • Qigong Masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Use Evil Qi To Give Me Double Chin

    Sick and Evil Taoist masters Xue Zhi Wang, brother Xue Zhong Wang and lieing and spamming Taoist teacher Guan Cheng Sun use evil qi to give me double chin.

    The day before the mask mandate ended in May they wrapped a blanket of qi around my throat for about five minutes and used evil qi to weaken the skin in throat and jaw. A few minutes after the qigong masters stopped using evil qi on the throat I went to look in the mirror and I basically had a double chin, something I had never had before. Then in the coming weeks I increased my aerobic exercise like biking, rowing, reducing my food intake and other forms of exercise like yoga, weight lifting, calisthenics and burpees to increase the metabolism, lower body fat and strengthen the thyroid. As a result, of the exercise I began to see the chin, throat and jaw skin tighten up until it was almost tight again, but the psycho qigong masters used evil qi to weaken the area again to re-create the double chin. That sequence of events, tightening and loosening of my jaw and throat skin, has happened to me many times since the mask mandate ended. Now when people see me who knew me before covid always look at me oddly tell me I look different and ask if I gained a lot of weight and tell me I look much older now. Prior to them causing me to have a double like chin most people always assumed I was in my early to mid thirties.

    The sick qigong masters are doing this to me to make me, frustrated, angry, look unhealthy and older, weaken my confidence and make it more difficult for me to find a wife.

    Before Evil Qi

    Before Evil Qi

    After Evil Qi



  • Qigong Masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Use Evil Qi On Students To Sprain & Injure Knees

  • Qigong Masters Xue Zhi Wang, Xue Zhong Wang and Guan Cheng Sun Use Evil Qi To Cause Students Rashes

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