Taoist Master Guan Cheng Sun is Evil, has lied and tricked Yi Ren Qigong Students Since Day One

Taoist master Guan Cheng Sun has lied to and deceived Yi Ren qigong  students and community since he began teaching in Seattle.

He and his secret qigong master partners Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang, like in the movie the Truman Show, control the qigong experience for all Yi Ren qigong students which includes massive levels of manipulation to peoples lives, energy theft, damage to some students health and energy attacks. Every students experience will be different. Some will have heavy amounts of negative experiences like me and others will have very little.

To begin, based on my understanding, Yi Ren means the student of Yi Ren qigong connects to the Tao through the Yi Ren qigong practice. The tao meaning nature or the universe. So to begin my explanation, he is complete lier about Yi Ren connecting students to the Tao, because in actuality what I have recently discovered is that the whole experience of all Yi Ren Qigong practitioners were and are controlled and manipulated by Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang so they can steal students energy and manipulate them. It also appears pretty clear that Xue Zhong Wang is the leader the thee qigong masters, so it should probably have had a name like Wang energy stealing, attacking and manipulating qigong. Thus, the complete qigong experience is controlled and manipulated by those three sick qigong masters who are pure evil and steal energy from everyone.

Explanation of Truman Show:

Truman is a man whose life is a fake one. The place he lives is, in fact, a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular TV-series in the world: The Truman Show.

Below is some additional information about Truman Show from https://www.vincegowmon.com/the-truman-show/

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, it is a story about a man named Truman (Jim Carrey) who was born and raised in a movie set. This set is the size of a small town, and is enclosed by a large dome that, when looked upon from the ground, looks the same way our sky looks with changing weather patterns and a sun that rises and falls.

Truman’s whole existence is this movie set. In fact, it is all he has ever known. He was born and raised on set, and now goes to work, comes home to his wife and hangs out with his best friend drinking a few beers here and there. But he doesn’t realize his entire life is a stage and everyone – from his wife, best friend, co-workers, policemen, newspaper boy, etc – are all actors who are part of a production that is being broadcasted to the entire world 24/7. Truman is an unwitting guinea pig, manipulated by a television conglomerate and used for the world’s entertainment.

In some ways the Yi Ren Qigong experience will be very controlled and manipulated like described in the Truman Show.

Back in October of 2020 Guan Cheng Sun told me I would take his position as the next lineage holder of Yi Ren Qigong and all the terror and horror that has occurred to my health, quality of life and basically the living hell I had been living since starting Yi Ren qigong back in 1999 was from him. After he shared that information with me he continued to basically make my life a living hell and would not stop, but now I assumed it was him and his evil wife Jill Gonet causing me all the problems. Then, in the May of 2021 I called two qigong masters Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang who are both from a long history of famous Chinese doctors and qigong masters to ask for their help against the non-stop violation of my life from Guan Cheng Sun. However, during a conversation I had with Xue Zhong Wang I was told that Guan Cheng Sun, Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang were working as a team to do all of this EVIL stuff to me.

Then, after that day both of the Wang brothers began talking to me on the spiritual level and showed me that they were part of the endless violation against my life and true partners with Guan Cheng Sun in the Yi Ren qigong scam. As time continued it seemed clear that Xue Zhi Wang, the oldest of all three qigong masters, was messing with me more than the other two and most likely the leader of the three nasty masters. Then back in June, about a month later, I had two sessions with shaman Dr. Linda Kingsbury In the first session with Dr. Linda she easily identified Guan Cheng Sun, his wife Jill Gonet, the two Wang brothers Xue Zhi Wang and Xue Zhong Wang were all attached to my energy field and were responsible for all of the evil energy that has been and continues to be put on me for over 20 years.

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