Recharge Energies, Upgrade Intuition & Healing Skills with Qigong

By Brendan Thorson, LMP

This article is published in the 2015 Winter edition of the Washington Massage Journal

Qigong is a 5,000+ year old ancient Chinese energy practice used to improve health, strength, longevity and for spiritual development. Qigong masters are famous for attaining enlightenment and super-healing abilities yet qigong can be beneficial to all who practice it. Qigong is an amazing tool that can aid Health Care professionals such as massage practitioners to refine their healing skills, strengthen and balance their energies and health, expel unhealthy foreign energies, and increase their career longevity.

I initially studied Qigong and Tai Chi between 1994-1999 to repair my exhausted body and mind. However, I didn’t experience any significant health benefits. So in 1999 I tried Yi Ren® Qigong— an easy standing and sitting qigong form. Since my first class my LMP skills began to advance at an accelerated rate and my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and life began to transform. Plus, a fascinating and empowering energetic world of knowledge opened up to me that made me supremely confident this practice would allow me to restore my health. I became very relaxed, confident and significantly more aware of myself and my surroundings. Sometimes I felt new energy refilling my depleted body, pools of energy moving in my chakras, energy circulating on my acupuncture pathways and pulsating acupuncture points. I also experienced a powerful magnetic energy field growing around my body reconnecting me to the nourishing universe above me, around me and to the earth below me. In addition, it quieted my intellectual mind and let my awareness sink into my body to become deeply centered and grounded in my body. This energetic evolution also developed my intuition and my internal wisdom. My internal wisdom merged with my acupuncture points and pathways to create a simple Internal-Feedback-System that gave me invaluable information to guide me in my life. The Yi Ren Qigong helped me to reach a higher level of health and strength and heightened my awareness to become a much wiser and dramatically improved LMP.Internal_Power_Station4

The development of the energy body can be a key to an LMPs energetic health. In my introductory Qigong class, working on our foundation, we activate our energy field, turn on our Internal Power Station (Life-Gate/Kidneys) and ground the kidney energy to the feet. After the first class an LMP will be able to use the qigong to balance their health and integrate it into their massage practice. With continued training we develop the entire energy body, (organs, endocrine glands, brain, nervous system…) to create a higher level of internal harmony. When the timing is right an LMP will be able to use the qigong to increase the vitality of any body-part, body-system or body-function they want to like their feet, thyroid, lungs, sleep quality, immunity or protection energies…

Increased awareness is necessary to achieve self-mastery and refine one’s LMP skills. As one’s awareness sinks into their body from the qigong then everything begins to slow down and it’s like looking at yourself and your surroundings through a magnifying glass. Then one is able to discover many subtleties about themselves. For instance, the optimal level of breath, muscular tension and relaxation to hold in their body and the perfect depth, pressure and speed used at every moment during a massage.

Yi Ren Qigong uses simple exercises to refresh and expel unwanted energies. Commonly after a long day of work one feels rundown and depleted. With a short 5 to 10 minute practice, one can bring in fresh energy and release old stagnant energy that has accumulated. This is an extremely important practice for health care practitioners who are sometimes for years exchanging unhealthy energy with their clients. Overtime, working almost like a toxic disposal service, one may have health issues like arthritis, anxiety, depression… stealing our vitality because our body is so polluted. Like how a car engine will be short lived if the oil is never changed or not changed regularly.

Whether beginner or expert LMP the Qigong can take you to the next level. The advanced awareness and development I obtained from my practice made me evolve to levels I did not know were possible as a human and LMP. What will the qigong do for your life and healing practice?

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