Face it, You’re Toe-rrific!

I am going to get personal this week: well, more personal than usual. I am also going to get random: well, more random than usual.

I suffer from toenail fungus. Yes, it’s kind of gross. I have had the fungus for about ten years now. I wonder, how did it get there? I thought only older people are afflicted with such a condition. Well, I was wrong.

What I believe caused my toenail fungus is bad habits. I would go to the gym and wear the same sweaty socks all day. When I got out of the shower, I did not dry my feet off with a blow dryer or towel. The toe fungus was a definite problem that I became aware of. It was not until this fall, about 10 years after it started accumulating, that I decided to do something about it, and be vigilant in my quest to cure my nails.

I went to the store and bought an antifungal cream. Now, every single day, I get out of the shower, towel off, and then thoroughly blow dry my feet, take a toenail file and file my nails that have fungus to make them more porous, and then apply the antifungal cream. Then I place a Bandaid over the afflicted toes.

Just this month, I have noticed that my nails are clearing up and most of them are devoid of fungus. Only a few still have a little bit left. Both my big toenails actually fell off and underneath them, the fungus is completely gone. New clear nails are growing in their places. I feel victorious.

Now, there are other methods to cure toenail fungus, some of which include a pill and some even include using bleach and water. But I discovered what worked for me. I did not see any results for more than six months, but I knew that eventually my vigilance would pay off. It has.

To me, toenail fungus can be like bad trapped energy in our body, including our organs. Yi Ren Qigong can help clear that pesky energy fungus out of our system and bring in more nourishing energy. However, this task could take a day, a week, a month, a year or even decades. The trick is to make Yi Ren Qigong a part of your daily routine. Many of us have seen or heard about people living in China who every morning, practice qigong and/or tai chi to help prepare them for their day. They might be on to something.

So now I have confessed something unattractive about myself. In the past, it would be hard for me to divulge such things, which seems strange to me now. For instance, if my car had something wrong with it that I had the power to fix, why would I not fix it, or at least get a mechanic to fix it? From my experience, Yi Ren Qigong gives you the tools to fix things that are wrong with your body and also your spirit, psyche and mind.

On a different note: Another thing I discovered this week is that one of the best ways to become happier is to not seek adulation or adoration from others, to not care too much what people think. Ultimately, you have to lose yourself in human form and find yourself in being form. You will never be happy if all you do is seek to fulfill the ego’s need to get approval from others. More and more I am losing my old self, and discovering my new self. This can be a scary process and I have had to endure some hardships along the way. One of our greatest fears can be of the unknown. This week, I will continue to repeat this mantra to myself when garbage thoughts come into my mind: Courage, Confidence, Strength and Faith. With dedication and vigilance, just like I whipped what seemed to be an impossible problem of curing my toenail fungus (some people live their entire lives with an unsightly yellow big toe, just as some people never get rid of bad, fungal, energy) I also have faith that I will cure myself of old, bad habits and negative behavior patterns, bringing myself back to my true self, unfettered by bad foreign energies.

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