Intent and Letting Go:


I was lying on the couch, watching TV when I noticed that my right kidney area began to spasm vigorously. I have heard of this happening to other Yi Ren Qigong students, but never experienced it myself. It lasted about five minutes, off-and-on, and when it was through, I noticed that I felt much more relaxed and freer from the anxieties that had been ailing me throughout the week.

My experience might have been similar to what an ancient Qigong practitioner might have felt when connections were being made between the body’s organs and certain emotions and virtues. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, some of the emotions that the kidneys are associated with are self-confidence, self-esteem, fear, willingness and inner freedom. When my kidneys (mostly the right kidney) began to spasm, my first reaction was that of worry, but as time went on, I noticed that I could actually feel my lower back loosen up and the area where my kidneys reside began to feel stronger, less vulnerable and relieved—as if I had released bad energy from them.

I am currently taking the Level II Yi Ren Qigong class taught by Brendan Thorson. During the first session this week, we did an exercise that included the following mantra “I am ready to explore the inner world and I look forward to experiencing the process of internal healing and development. I will be growing stronger and wiser from this energy practice and enhancement.”

To me this mantra has to do with intent. In the past, I have recited this mantra, but did not fully absorb the words and let myself believe in them. I noticed that as we repeated these words and I put my intent into believing them, that afterwards, the exercises seemed to penetrate Qi into my body on a deeper, more beneficial level. My conclusion is that if you let yourself go and trust that Yi Ren Qigong is a real therapeutic way to heal and nurture your mind, body and spirit, then then you will make greater positive strides in your practice and ultimately your life.

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