Sunday, February 9, Heart and Kidney Qigong for Self-Healing and Self-Care

Sunday, February 9 at East West Bookshop Seattle

1-2:30pm in Tea Garden $10
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Over the past 5,000+ years the ancient Taoists discovered many secrets to healing and maintaining one’s health. Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! In this introductory class you will learn to activate your energy field and your internal energy system. We will focus on the activation and balancing of the Heart and the Kidney Energy Centers. Join Yi Ren Qigong instructor BRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training to begin your journey.

Vibrant heart energy is essential for one to have the Power of Self Love and Self Healing. While the Kidneys are our Internal Power Station and having powerful kidney energy is necessary for one to have a strong and healthy body and mind. The kidneys are related to the strength of the bones and bone marrow. The heart is related to the quality of the blood vessels and to the blood circulation and internal energy flow.

Balancing of the Kidney/ water and Heart/ fire energies of the 5-Elements and the Yin and Yang energies is an important step in the internal cultivation process and essential for one to improve and maintain their health:

This step begins to bring our water/ yin and fire/ yang energies back into harmony

The energetic connection between these two Energy Centers will give birth to new internal energy development

The water energies of the kidney will control the fire energies of the heart so the fire will not allow the body to get too hot and dry

The fire energies on the heart will keep the cool water energies of the kidneys in check so the body does not get too cold and wet

Will help to release the excess fear and paranoia energies of the kidneys and promote the development of self esteem, self confidence, courage and self will

Will help to release the excess jealous and envious energies of the heart and promote the development of joy, admiration, appreciation and respect

And much more.

“Just 48 hours before I happened to find myself in one of his introductory classes, my marriage had fallen apart. Even though I was in shock, I instantly knew that I needed to practice this style of qigong in order to help myself through this crisis. After each class I attended, I could feel a glimmer of chi energy growing within me. Brendan shared his personal experiences of self healing in such a positive way that I felt motivated to keep going through my struggle to find myself again. I found his classes helped me to develop and maintain many healthy habits.

Yi-Ren Qigong prevented me from going down into despair or into any type of long-term negative thinking or activity. Instead, it helped me to grow a stronger sense of wellness than I had ever felt before. Building my qigong practice has helped to benefit me in all areas of my life, especially in my emotions, my thinking and my sense of place in the world.”–Tonya Zarlengo, LMP & Acupuncture Student

Brendan has ongoing Level 1 training and upcoming seminars

Brendan has had articles published in Qi Magazine:The Journal of Traditional Health and Fitness.

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