Yin & Yang

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yin and Yang!  I am learning so much about how we are affected by Yin and Yang energies. Today was the second and last day of the Level 1 Seminar Weekend at The Noble School of Tai Chi and & Qigong Training in Seattle. My teacher, Brendan Thorson, carried us through a long day of learning, sharing and building our skills and knowledge of Yi Ren Qigong. It was wonderful and I am glowingly exhausted! I feel good essentially, though my body aches and is tired. But, I just can’t shake my smile.

You see, I slept very little last night–maybe two hours–due to a headache and back pain. I really wanted to stay home and rest today. But, I promised I would be there and needed to keep my word and have some faith in my ability to heal. I took pain pills with me and a heating pad. I had a blanket and some food and a pillow. I was sure I would need them! But, surprisingly I found that after about an hour of Qigong energy work and practice, I felt almost well. A wonderful new friend there also shared these exceptional certified pure and organic essential oils.
So, I stayed all day and benefited by learning more than I can begin to remember tonight. Now, I am ready for an early night. My hip aches and I am sure that I will have my share of pain until my body adjusts. But, I am so happy and also more confident by the day that I will be able to be healed by this work. Someday, I will hike again and play music for hours without paying the price of pain. Yes!!! Thanks, Brandon, once again! And, gratitude to Dr. Sun, who was the beginning of this work!


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