With Gratitude, I Practice Yi Ren Qigong

Monday, August 5, 2013


Today I feel so much gratitude! Grateful for my teacher, Brendan Thorson, who gave us so much of his wisdom and knowledge over the past two days in the Moving with Qi seminars here in Seattle. Grateful for my fellow qigong students moving along together through this process of building energy and learning to move it. Each of them brings a fresh perspective in their generous sharing each day of the seminars. For each of them, I am grateful.I feel so blessed! I learned how to make my body stronger and healthier by building and moving my qi energy to restore, heal and protect myself–physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

This morning I did my joint strengthening exercises, used my self massage techniques, activated my Life Gate/Kidneys, my feet, my heart center, my Third Eye, my shoulder center and my Dantian. I practiced breathing my qi energy into and out of each of them as well as I could remember.  I tried to do the Small Universe practice. Then, I practiced my Qi Ball exercises that are so much fun! I worked on the flow of my hand movements and weight shifting first. Then, I coordinated the different hand movements to my feet patterns taught in class. Here is a photo from the class:

Brendan and Alan in class.

And, the sweet thing is that I did all of it correctly. I always do! My teacher assures us that our bodies know/we know what we need to do and will always do our practices in ways that help us become more healthy and wise.  For this I am particularly grateful!

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