Three things I thought of today…

Friday, July 19, 2013

I woke up early  this morning with a pretty bad headache. I did all kinds of massage and heat treatments hoping I could beat it without much luck. I had tons of computer work to do because of teaching classes and such. So, I had a quick breakfast and got to work. Tougher than pig iron, I am! Meaner than a rattlesnake. 🙂

Anyway, late afternoon I became tired of suffering and went outside to the back yard. I did some stretching, some reiki for myself and a bit of Qigong…what I could remember. Then I made myself a nice big plate of watermelon and blueberries. I felt so much better and went tonight to my second Yi Ren Qigong introductory session. I had a great time. I always have some pain, but so far nothing I can’t handle. In fact, I feel more grounded, present and relaxed after the class.
But during the day I had a realization of three things that I have carried from childhood and still hold onto in my life. These are things I think I am preparing to transform. When I was young, I was told to take my medicine, lay down and that I can’t do the things other people can do. So, I realized that I never take medicine, I do everything and I am always pushing myself to go, go, go! It’s only been in the last two years that I have consciously been learning to care for myself instead of everyone else. I learned from my teachers that one has to care for and tend her own fire, before she can care for those in her family and the greater community.
Now I need to go rest and rejuvenate myself with sleep so that I can practice all day tomorrow in my first level Yi Ren Qigong seminar. Namaste!
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