Sleep and Dream…

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Today I am exhausted again. I am learning so much about myself and my health. I went out last night to see dear friends and it was a much needed social time for me. But, I didn’t sleep last night. Today I have practice my Qigong twice–once alone and once with a friend. I did the Small Universe and the Peaceful Meditation. Now all I want to do is sleep and I can’t.

The odd thing is that Sunday night after a full day of Yi Ren Qigong practice, I was able to sleep like a baby and woke up yesterday refreshed. I had a great day. I was full of energy and felt happy.

So what does this tell me? Well, first of all, I know that I need to follow my intuition and what my body tells me. Still, even though I want to sleep in my cave for hours now, I think I will get up and go to the beach and enjoy being in nature. Then, I can come home and work more. I know that my work life is way out of balance and not good for my health. But, opportunities for work that I can do with my health limitations are few and far between. They cannot be passed up or ignored. Another thing I am seeing is that life is full of opportunities–some are unexpected and risky. But, they all are necessary for learning and personal growth.

Time will tell where this journey takes me. So far, I have no idea of what will happen. I can only have faith that energy work, meditation practices and building strength in my core will help me live a longer, healthier life in the big picture.

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