Level 1 Seminar Today

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wow. I learned plenty. I am so very tired, yet excited. I ache pretty much all over. But, I did really well. This practice is no or very low impact and perfect for people with scoliosis. I am amazed that I made it through the whole day. I really would never have thought I could and I am so grateful that the teacher, Brendan, encouraged me.

At one point today, I could really feel the energy in my hands and arms. It felt thick and tangible. Of course, there were many exceptional moments during the day where I felt in awe and humbled by the strength of the energy all around me. I feel pretty overwhelmed and very sleepy. I think this is something that will take some reflection on my part after resting.

I learned today that the Yi Ren Qigong practice is very complex in it’s development. It will take years to feel competent, if I want to really study and develop my energy and health. Yet, I feel so different already. It’s hard to explain. I feel so grounded and yet energetic. It’s also all encompassing–holistic in approach. I will become more wise, intuitive and in touch with my wild woman self. This is something I have been striving for during these past years. I need real transformation!


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