How My Energy Feels Today

Friday, September 20, 2013 

I have practiced my Yi Ren Qigong twice today–once on my own and one longer session with the level 1 DVD by Dr. Sun. It really helps to have a visual and a voice, when doing Yi Ren Qigong.

Then, I decided that I wanted to draw briefly with colors how my energy feels when I practice. I have no idea of why I chose these colors. And, my energy feelings are not really that intense. But, this is not a literal expression for me. Practicing Yi Ren Qigong  is a really big deal and feels huge and somewhat overwhelming at this time. And, upon reflection, that is what I see in my little drawing. The overwhelm and pressure–the power–of considering the reach of my Qi energy. It’s not very artistic by choice. As an art therapist, I took the advice I would have given any client, “Be free and don’t worry about what it looks like. Just draw what you feel!”
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