Breaking Through

Monday, September 30, 2013

The I Ching:  Song Dynasty

Today I participated in my second I Ching seminar for Yi Ren Qigong. We studied the Plum Flower Yi Jing. In this style one has no need of coins or yarrow sticks, but rather studies to learn to observe nature and understand through the principles of Yi Jing. That’s how I understand it. Of course, this is the second time I took the course and each time things become more clear. When I say, “study,” I don’t mean literally study the material written. I mean we do meditation exercises where we viscerally learn to understand the trigrams and our connections through energy work and using mudras. Pretty wonderful actually. I am very interested in practicing and refining my work in this area.

But, after class I developed a really sharp and sudden headache. This happened last week and is definitely related to pain in my shoulders and neck. It seems that it is caused by the energy working in my body and perhaps blockages. No fun! But, then, if they go away for good, I will be so happy.


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