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  • School Option

    Soon there will be an option for students to join The Noble School of TaiChi & Qigong Training instead of only taking individual classes.  Presently the goal is to have this option available for students by September 2012.

    This is an option for students who are truly committed to their training, healing and development process and who seek to transform their health and quality of life. It is also for those who desire to one day become a wise-person, sage or fully-realized one.

    Below is an overview of what becoming a member of the school will offer:

    1. Integrate energetic training and experiences with intellectual understanding.  Use of both reading (books, articles ect.) and writing (self evaluations, progress reports and journals) 
    2. Annual membership will include a monthly fee, compared to paying for individual classes
    3. School members will have the flexibility to choose classes and/or seminars throughout the year that best meet each individual student’s personal schedule, energetic needs and interests.
    4. For students new to Yi Ren Qigong there will be roughly 8-enrollment/entry points throughout the year to start the training–all enrollment/entry points will be at a level-1 class series or at a level-1 weekend seminar.
    5. Current or former Yi Ren Qigong students can join at any time that works best for each individual.
    6. Buddy system with another student to optimize learning experience
    7. Semi-Annual (2 times per year) 3hr. class / meeting for discussion and deepen practice
    8. Consultation to track progress with ongoing feedback
    With 4-different school Membership options for joining the school:
    1. Part-Time Student: 7-classes/ seminars per year
    2. Full-Time Student: 12-classes/ seminars per year
    3. Full-Time Student Plus: 18-classes/ seminars per year
    4. Intensive Full-Time Student: Unlimited classes and seminars per year.  *This option is only available for current full time students.
    5. Membership Upgrade: Each student has the option to upgrade his or her membership at any time thoughout the year
    General Weekly Class and Weekend Seminar Schedule per year:
    (The class series and seminars both equal 12 hours of class time)
    A. General Weekly Class Schedule:
    • 6-Rounds of weekly classes/series offered a year
    • 6/2hr. classes per series for a total of 12 class hours per series
    • Weekly classes offered Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thur nights
    • 4-Rounds of weekly classes/series offered between January-July
    • 2-Rounds of weekly classes/series offered between September-December
    • No weekly classes offered in August and a break also between mid December and early January
    B. General Weekend Seminar Schedule:
    • Minimum of 12-Weekend Seminars offered per year
    • 2/6hr. seminar/class format per weekend seminar for a total of 12 class hours per seminar


  • “Bone Marrow Washing” Student update #3: Kidneys-like Hot Coals & Energy Flame Body (original article 12/20/2011)

    By Brendan Thorson 4/15/2012,

    Two weeks ago (3/31 and 4/1) at the Yi Ren Qigong Sound Energy Correspondence Seminar the “Bone Marrow Washing Student” began to experience new stages in the development of her energy body and deep healing happening at the organ level.

    Over the past two months prior to this Sound Energy Center Correspondence Seminar she has continued to take 2 weekly classes (is currently taking the Jing and Rou class and the Level-3 class) and all the weekend seminars I have had recently (Levels 1 and 2).  She is continuing to build up her energy levels, as a result her energy and inner strength has gotten significantly deeper and more solid!  She is just continuing to get biologically younger and fresher feeling as every week and month pass!!

    She had a few profound experiences during the Sound Energy Center Correspondence seminar:

    1. She felt the energy directly working on healing her old Urinary Tract Infections.  Based on what I recall her sharing with me and the class, about 5-years ago she struggled with Urinary Tract infections for a couple of years and also took antibiotics during most of that time too to try and cure her Urinary Tract issue.  However, the Antibiotics were not very helpful for her, in fact she took one type of antibiotic for so long that her her body actually became resistant to it.  During the seminar she was feeling the energy working directly on the area of her Urinary Tract where she used to regularly feel the Urinary Tract infection.  In fact, she said she could feel the energy going through a two cycle phase repeating itself over and over again one after the other.

    A) Phase-1: Energy nourishing and laying down layers of fresh qi (like spreading a layer of lotion) over the area of the old injury

    B) Phase-2: Energy that felt to her like a scrapping/ cleaning right over the area of the old injury to release the old unhealthy energies there.

    “Urinary Tract infections are just one of a thousand or more diseases humans can get related to Weak/ Deficient Kidneys”

    To summarize she felt the qi working directly to restore her old injury with a combination of nourishing energy and clearing/cleaning energy–the bodies healing potential is really amazing once it has extra vital energy available for healing!

    2. She also had another great experience related to her reaching higher stages of energetic development.  During our Kidney sound exercise and meditation she began to feel her whole body was like one Big-Hot-Flame (Imagine a Candle Flame surrounding your whole body) and the origin of her flame she felt what she described as two Hot-little-Coals one on each side of her body that she realized were her Kidneys.

    I continue to be impressed with this ladies determination to prioritize her healing and make the Qigong the most important thing in her life at this time.  I hate to say it but she is rare.  I meet many people deeply struggling with their health, but they are not willing to make it a priority.  In fact, I have had many students who begin to take my classes because they want to improve their health and low energies, then as soon as they start feeling a little better they stop the training because they are no longer exhausted and have already forgotten why they decided to take the classes in the first place.

    Link to series of articles about this ladies, “Bone Marrow Washing Student” healing and development process since November 2011:

    1. Article #1
    2. Article #2
    3. Article #3

    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

  • Introductory Yi Ren® Qigong & Taichi Class

    Transforming PMS & Neg Attitudes/ Emotions w/ Yi Ren Qigong

    Thursday, April 5 at East West Seattle 6500 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle, WA 98115
    Secrets to Transforming PMS and Negative Emotions
    7-8:30 pm $10 Register Now!

    Register Now!

    Would you like to find your fountain of youth? Over the past 5,000+ years the Ancient Taoist discovered many secrets to health, happiness, vitality and longevity. Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! Yi Ren Qigong instructor BRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of the Wu Hsing Tao School of Acupuncture and The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training has personally transformed his health and life from Yi Ren Qigong. Join Brendan for an introduction to Yi Ren Qigong and learn simple and powerful transformative Taoist “Qi” exercises for the Chakras, Organs and Endocrine Glands to reverse the aging process.

  • Transforming Negative Attitudes & Emotions with Yi Ren Qigong & Taichi

    Overcoming negative emotions and bad attitudes with Yi Ren Qigong

    By Brendan Thorson 4/3/2012,

    Many people struggle with negative attitudes and emotions that dramatically affect the quality of their life and the people they attract to their life.  Most people who are very negative may not even realize they are such a downer for others to be around and how their attitude and negative emotional pattern is depleting and polluting their life and energy system.  Men and women do not just wake up one day with a bad attitude and or emotionally full of negative emotions like Fear, Anger, Panic, Frustration, Grief, Sadness, Closed-Heart….  From my understanding this is something that originates from the following:

    1. Negative experiences one personally experiences that hurt us and begin to take us away from our natural self–resulting in low self confidence, lack of integrity, dignity, self pity, closed heart….
    2. The environment one lives in (family, religion, school, friends…) can alter a persons reality and cause one to have many limiting unhealthy views about them-self and the world
    3. Family issues like fears and depression passed from one generation to the next that could have originated from a grandparent many generations back

    In most cases this is something that gradually happens to people over a period of time from negative experiences or programs installed into us–like a virus gradually wreaking havoc on a computer.  However, there are times that a major experience can cause a person to change really fast–like how some computer viruses can quickly destroy or mess up a computer system (I have seen these types of issues arise from a parent and the loss of their child).

    The list of things that hurt and alter people are far and wide including being hurt be a parent, significant other or loved one, a stressful job or loss of job, comparing your financial situation, job, significant other and family to another persons life…..

    Today in our society there is so much fear from parents that their child will be abused or abducted that some children are fearful to talk with strangers, even if their parent/s are a few feet away, and these excess fears could haunt the children throughout their lifetime.  Children are very sensitive and are easily influenced or programmed from what they emotionally feel from their parents and hear their parents talk about–like a divorced mother’s negative comments about a child’s father, could lead to unwarranted bad feelings from a child toward his father affecting a lifetime bond.

    Everyone deals with negative experiences in different ways and how we process the negative experiences we experience has a dramatic impact on how something will affect us in the future.  Some people are better at accepting things and letting them come and go while others are unable to accept and detach from things that it affects them for the rest of their life.

    Regardless how one ends up stuck with a bad attitude or full of negative emotions they can use Yi Ren Qigong to transform their negative emotions and attitudes to dramatically enhance their life.

    1. With Yi Ren Qigong we can begin to improve our energy levels that will naturally help one to feel better.
    2. Continued practice leads to the release of many old negative feelings stuck in our system.
    3. At one point our awareness levels grow and we can begin to better see how our thoughts and ways of dealing with situations affect us positively or negatively.
    4. Our increased awareness levels guide us to better internal management allowing one to adjust and modify (upgrade) the way we deal with situations to minimize how something can negatively affect us.
    5. With further deepening of our awareness levels our consciousness integrates with our subconscious and then we are able to hear/see more depth and details of our insides including the origin of our negativity leading to even greater internal awareness and then we use the internal martial arts to fight and kill the our deep negativity at the source.
    6. Bringing us greater peace, joy as we detoxify ourselves from our internal poisons.

    Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.