Taoist Secrets to PMS

Transforming PMS w/ Yi Ren® Qigong & Taichi

By Brendan Thorson 3/27/2012,


Throughout my years of practicing and teaching Yi Ren Qigong and Taichi I have seen many students transform Mild to Severe PMS with this Ancient Energy Medicine.  “Scientists don’t know exactly why women get PMS or why some women experience it more severely than others.”1  Many people believe PMS can not be improved and many women have been programmed to think they have to accept it as a women.  The Ancient Taoist Masters who created Chinese Medicine unlike today’s Modern Medicine knew PMS was the result of blood and qi imbalances and stagnation in specific organs and organs systems.

As noted earlier Chinese Medicine created by the Ancient Taoist Masters use herbs and acupuncture to help women improve their PMS by improving the internal balance of their Blood and Qi.  In fact, they see the Liver as the primary organ responsible for PMS because of its role in the distribution of blood, energy and evenness of emotions.  As a result, in most cases the physical discomfort and excessive emotional feelings women get who suffer from PMS is connected to the liver and it’s associated organs.2

Yi Ren Qigong can transform PMS.  With Yi Ren Qigong one can greatly improve their internal energies and their internal energy flow which can quickly bring better internal harmony and strongly reduce ones PMS.  To be more specific Yi Ren Qigong practitioners begin to not only improve their internal energies, but also bring harmony to all the internal energies like their Yin/ Yang, 5-elements (organs), and the endocrine glands (hormones).  Also, one with PMS (or anyone else with any kind of energy imbalance or weakness) will be able to create their own personalized exercise program to focus on bringing greater harmony to any internal energy system that is out of balance like the Liver and or Reproductive glands if that is the bodies highest priority.

All of the organs and organ systems are intertwined and dependent on the health of the other organ systems.  Therefore, ultimately the health of the Liver is dependent on the health of all the other organs in the 5-element system and appropriate levels of qi, yin, yang, and blood.  The 5-elements consist of the Wood (Liver/ Gall Bladder), Fire (Heart/ Small Intestines), Earth (Pancreas/ Stomach), Metal (Lungs/ Large Intestines), and Water (Kidneys/ Urinary Bladder).  In addition, there is the Reproductive system and Spleen/ Lymphatic System which are special organs related to maintaining the vitality, safety and protection of all the 5-elements (organs systems).

As a result, if one were to have an imbalanced Liver then the other organs health and balance will also be negatively affected.  While at the same time if the health of an organ other than the Liver becomes imbalanced it will begin to cause imbalances to the other organs too.

For instance, based on my understanding, during the time of the month a women’s body is preparing for the new moon cycle the Liver’s work load is increased.   Then, as soon as the Liver work load is pushed past its work capacity then PMS symptoms begin to show up.  Thus, the PMS signals are an indicator the Liver is being pushed past its capacity.  As noted above the Liver is responsible for uneven emotions and a few of the emotions related to the Liver are Anger, Frustration and Disappointment.

The Liver being pushed past its capacity is similar to a big cities and automobile traffic:

  1. A city where traffic congestion is not overwhelmed during Rush-Hour.  Like the Liver of a women who does not have PMS
  2. During Rush-hour/s the traffic on the major roads are overwhelmed with traffic and the commute is very slow.  Like the Liver of a women with Mild-PMS
  3. Add road construction and accidents to the mix of example #2 and traffic is a nightmare!   Like the Liver of a women with Severe-PMS

I had one student that suffered from severe PMS her whole adult life that would more or less cripple her from regular life for about 10-days each month.  Prior to her studying Yi Ren Qigong she used Chinese Herbal Therapy to help her with her PMS and it minimized her pain, but it did not come close to helping her achieve a normal life.  Then, once she began the qigong she made significant progress with her health and greatly reduced her PMS so she could live a normal life each month.  She learned to increase the time she spent with her qigong practice every month when she began to feel the PMS rising up and then it would keep it from getting bad. Unfortunately she only completed the level-1 course before she moved out of Washington state.  I believe if she would have continued with the training to level-2 (where we focus on cultivating and developing the internal organs and organ pathways) she would have completely overcome her PMS.  Before learning Yi Ren Qigong she had extreme energy blockages in her uterus and guts that were revealed to her and opened up from the qigong that initiated the major health shift she experienced.

I had another female student who shared with me that she had been seeing an acupuncturist regularly for a couple of years prior to learning Yi Ren Qigong and the acupuncturist always told her that her Liver Qi was stagnant.  Then, after begining Yi Ren and her learning the Liver/ Gall Bladder exercise her Acupuncturist reported that her Liver Qi was no longer stagnant.  Stagnant Liver Qi can cause a host of emotional and health imbalances including PMS symptoms.

From my experience I have seen many friends and students use both Chinese Medicine, food therapy and Yi Ren Qigong to help them with PMS.  The feedback I have gotten from these ladies has been very consistent.  Most have found Yi Ren Qigong to be the most effective at reducing PMS.  While a combination of Yi Ren Qigong, Chinese herbs and food therapy combined to be the best overall cure to completely overcome their internal energy imbalances and stagnation.

In conclusion, Yi Ren Qigong can be the key to help you overcome PMS and improve your internal energy imbalances to help you achieve a higher quality life.  PMS symptoms like all other pain in the body is a signal telling the individual there are internal energy imbalances that need to be addressed so they can obtain higher levels of internal peace, harmony, health and vitality.  If someone re-balances their internal energies and dramatically reduces or eliminates PMS then they will have transformed their life and be able to obtain greater joy and internal freedom.  Ideally ladies should not need to take pain medicine related to their menstrual cycle.


1. http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/women/menstrual/pms2.htm

2. Harriet Beinfeld, L.Ac. and Efrem Korngold, L.Ac. Between Heaven and Earth. Ballatine Books. New York:1991


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