Tai Chi & Qigong Seattle / Tai Chi Movement

Tai Chi Posture

(Prerequisite Level 2 or Moving with Qi Required)

In this class we will integrate the tai-chi style movements taught in the Qigong “Moving With Qi Class” with other exercises and standing meditations for enhanced internal strength, internal awareness and grounding.  This class will focus on building up the foundation, (lower energies) to help us increase our strength and balance from the ground up.  Much like what is commonly done with the construction of homes and buildings.  Where the foundation of the structure is created and then when the timing is right the upper floors can safely be built.  In addition, emphasis will be put on developing our grounding and rooting system, so we can begin to be rooted like trees and have the capacity to withstand the cold, wind and rain (Stress) that naturally come with life and the changing of the seasons.

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