The Sacred Gates of Internal Cultivation

(Completion of level 2 required) Qigong

Our focus is to build a strong foundation for self-discovery, self-recognition, and internal realization in the advanced courses. In Level 1, we opened the Life Gate and activated the internal power station to increase internal energy levels, and we developed the Central Energy Circulating System. In this sequence we open and activate the Marrow Gate and Brain Gate as well, to increase our awareness levels of the internal body for good management and self-mastery. A special internal energy connection practice will be introduced in this course for developing internal strength and balance. The Wisdom Gate opening and activating exercise, in combination with the Complementary Centers Integrating Practice, will not only enhance internal balance and harmony but also increase the internal energy levels. These practices are important and necessary for preparing the body to experience the internal energy flow, and for preparing the mind to understand the information of our internal bodies in the course of level II.

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