transformational stories

  • Stefan M. Belgrade, Serbia. November 2015

    Brendan’s qigong training dramatically helped me to balance my health and energy system!!

    About four years ago I went through what is commonly referred to as a “Kundalini Awakening”. It transformed my life for the better, but also turned my health and world upside down. I began to commonly feel ungrounded, spaced out and easily exhausted. As every year passed my energies were gradually becoming more balanced, but I wanted to make some faster progress and learn energy exercises for managing, strengthening and balancing my personal energies! As a result, I looked at some qigong and yoga schools in the States. But after talking with Brendan I felt very confident in his knowledge, understanding and confidence with my situation.

    Brendan’s qigong training was very simple and powerful for me. I got much more out of it than I ever expected too. It allowed me to ground, strengthen and solidify my energies so I could begin to feel much healthier again! Brendan is a very good healer and qigong instructor. I would recommend him to anyone seeking energy work for improving their health and quality of life. I wish I could find an instructor like Brendan closer to my home of Serbia. One day I hope to be able to return to Seattle to further my studies with Brendan.

  • JP, November 2015

    I came to Brendan at a time in my life when I was lost, depressed, and weighted down with extreme sadness. My mind did not seem to find a way out of this maze of negativity and darkness. I was trying to lift myself up by eating light and healthy, regular jogging. I even started tai-chi. It did not seem to help at all. I could feel that I needed something else. The tai-chi lessons I took felt lame, mechanical, and without depth. I had practiced tai-chi before and enjoyed it, but for some reasons, going back to learning the moves one by one did not suit me. It felt empty. So, I continued looking for different tai-chi and similar arts that could help me connect with my inner self and be in harmony with my surroundings. What got my attention about Brendan’s practice was that he was practicing “healing” Qigong. Sure we all agree that qigong practices are, generally speaking, “healing”. But he was teaching a unique type of Qigong, and since I needed large amount of healing, I called Brendan.

    During our first session, he first spent time listening to my story, then began the qigong, where he held his hands facing different areas of my body, using different finger positions, while simultaneously guiding my attention and breadth to different areas of my body. By the end of the session, I knew something had changed in me. At the time I was not sure what it was but could describe it as grounding. I felt more grounded. In the following days my sleep began to improve and I started to feel less depressed, more hopeful and gained some clarity on the steps I needed to take to change my frame of mind, my mental attitude. I continued to see Brendan many times after that and discovered that Brendan did not only help me heal by working on me but by teaching me how I could practice on my own. I also went to his workshops, which helped a lot by complementing what I had learned with him. As I progressed, he taught me specific exercises for all my organ systems, especially the kidney, liver, intestine, immunity, lungs, and heart.

    If you practiced qigong before, you know it is often hard to describe what is going on inside ourselves during practices. What I can say is that the practices with Brendan helped me listen to my inner intelligence, my intuition if you will. It is like my body knew what to do in different situations. Little by little, I regained control of my emotions, I was able to distance myself from pain and sadness, I was able to rest my mind and feel my surroundings.

    I gained so much with his sessions that I took my 15-year old daughter many times to see him.

    Brendan’s sessions are powerful and the more you practice the more empowered you feel, and the more peaceful you feel.

    I would recommend to anybody to go meet Brendan and let him guide you through his teachings in order to find strength and peace. Only good things will come out of meeting him.

  • Melissa

    My life has made a 180 degree turn for the better since I’ve been taking Qi Gong / Tai Chi classes from Brendan. I can’t even describe it. It has been a source of stability for me in my life, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When I started Brendan’s classes my life was in a whirlwind. I was dealing with the death of my father, and loss of my job. My mind was in constant chaos; my health was starting to suffer from stress and weight gain, which then started reflecting on my relationships with my family and friends. Looking for alternative healing solution to cleanse my mind and body, I decided to take a few of Brendan’s free introductory Qi Gong class, to my surprise I started feeling relaxed and peaceful after each class, so I decided to sign up for Brendan’s Level 1 A class.

    I’ve been studying and practicing Qi Gong / Tai Chi with Brendan now for five months, I am constantly amazed of the changes and improvements I feel in all aspects of my life. It has been a life changing experience with positive results. The benefits for me are internal, which changed my body awareness and internal strength.

    ~Physically -I feel more balanced, more stamina, and able to sleep through the night. I have learned much more about how my body feels from the inside, the connection with each individual organ. To listen within. I’m continually losing the excess weight I’ve been caring around for years.

    ~Emotionally – I am able to attain a balance of my emotions and physical sense of well-being which allow me to deal with the everyday stresses and demands of life in a much more positive light.

    ~Mentally – My mind is becoming clearer and more peaceful each day, the constant chatter seems to disappear from my mind, as I breathe in more energy. With this I am now able to acknowledge the concepts and beliefs that are no longer useful in my life. Giving me the ability to clear out these old programs from my deep consciousness, and replace with new concepts and beliefs that are in harmony with my mind, body and spirit.

    ~Spiritually – I have noted a renewed enthusiasm for my ‘self’ and appreciation on many levels. Realizing the more I surrender and allow myself to flow, the more opportunity is presented. I feel a beautiful connectedness more consistently throughout each day. More and more experiencing the vibrancy of my own spiritual energy, the unique treasure of awareness, knowledge, wisdom, talent, power and potential that reside within myself.

    I encourage more and more people to step into their power and use techniques like Qi Gong to claim their divine birth right of perfect health on all levels of being.

  • Yi Ren Qigong healed my body and aligned my spirit


    Yi Ren Qigong healed my body and aligned my spirit. I started this practice over two years ago and am still amazed at the unfolding benefits that I feel. This practice has calmed my mind and given me increased spiritual clarity. My back has been dramatically healed after trying everything from pain killers to chiropractic work. I quit smoking cigarettes thanks to the deepening awareness of my body. I am stronger and more present in my body thanks to the increased connection to the higher realms and the earth. My entire body has awakened and quite often I feel the hum of the universe coursing through me and connecting me to healing energies that before I was unable to access. This practice has been very empowering and intellectually stimulating. My entire world shifted after my first class of experiencing the chi between my hands!
    –Michael, Shaman & Healer

  • Testimonial by C, a Female Massage Therapist

    Testimonial by C:


    About a year and a half ago my life was in shambles – financially, physically, emotionally and energetically.  Everything about me was dark and disconnected.  I knew I needed help.  First I did some soul searching, then some researching, and finally found my way into an introductory Qigong class, taught by Brendan Thorson.

    I have found that Yi Ren Qigong allows me to cultivate an extremely powerful energetic experience, and at the same time assists me in achieving a heightened physical and spiritual state of awareness. This practice helps me to be more grounded and connected to all aspects of this wondrous life.

    Although my class attendance has been sporadic, due to my travel schedule,  I am continually feeling the pull to deepen my practice.  Completing Level 1 Qigong, taking Tai Chi,  then attending  a class or two every few months along with a Level 1 CD has been helpful.   I am in a much better ‘inner’ place these days.

    For now, I am being gentle with myself and jumping thru the windows of opportunity as they are opened to me.  My great hope is to be blessed with the opportunity to move back to Seattle, let my roots sink once again into the NW soil, and continue growing and learning Qigong thru classes with Brendan.  I have found Brendan to be a kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable instructor.  Thank you Brendan for sharing this gift with so many!

  • Spiritual healing through Qi Gong

    “I moved to Seattle 3 years ago from the East Coast…. Almost immediately upon arriving, I felt a total disconnect to the West Coast.  As each month passed, I felt worse.  I would say to people that I felt “soulless”.  I couldn’t feel anything, rarely laughed and spent most of my time huddled in my apartment.  The loneliness and isolation was virtually destroying me.  I tried many practitioners from channelers to soul retrieval…. But to no avail.

    I had come to the conclusion that maybe if I moved to another state, I would feel better.  At the encouragement of my therapist, she got me to try to find an interest that I could participate in.  Well, the day I saw her, I decided Qi Gong would be something I might like.  I Googled the topic and in about 5 minutes I had found an introductory class offered by Brendan the next night.

    I attended (without much hope) I must admit, but he had a gathering of about 20 people and from the first moment, I was hooked.  Brendan has such a gift for teaching and communicating with his class.  I have just completed his Level I class and it has brought amazing changes to my life.

    I guess qi really is the life energy….. I feel whole again, am happy, find joy in life.  With every class, I feel an improvement.  I truly believe I will follow this path for the rest of my life.

    And yes, I have even learned to love Seattle and its ‘laid-back’ people…………”


  • GL Seattle

    “I’ve taken Yi Ren Qigong classes from Brendan Thorson for approximately one year.  I take the classes weekly and also practice at home.  The movements are calming and easily learned. Brendan’s method does not require physical strength, and does not make me sweat or breathe heavily.  It is helping to resolve long-standing issues of balance, symmetry and stiffness that have not responded to anything else.

    As a result of Brendan’s classes, I feel livelier, stronger, more energetic and more relaxed.  I am beginning to feel my body gradually release and get back to the norm.  And my blood pressure is substantially lower, without the use of medication or other medical treatment.

    From a young age I was subjected to periodic severe beatings at home, and lived in an atmosphere of fear.  My body started having many holding patterns, causing my muscular and skeletal structure to be unbalanced.  For example, my left leg measured a half-inch shorter than the right leg because of the holding.  I thought it actually was shorter… but have realized that unconscious muscular tension held it that way.

    Over the years I pursued many different types of therapies to resolve the emotional impact of these childhood experiences.  Brendan’s classes are providing me with an unexpected, and most welcome, physical relief, energy and vitality.”

    GL, Seattle

  • Brittany

    “I met Brendan while he was advertising for his classes at a street fair in the University District. I had been told about the benefits of Qi Gong previously, and was slightly interested, but would have walked right on by him if I had not felt so drawn into his warm and open presence. The next weekend, I attended three of Brendan’s introductory Qi Gong classes.

    Within minutes of the first class, I was able to viscerally feel the energy (Qi) between my hands in the form of a hot, magnetic charge. By the end of the class, I could “magnetically” connect with each of seven major energy centers on my body. The class helped me to feel more balanced in my body, and it helped my body to feel more alive and alert. I left with an invigorating, pulsating energy moving through my entire body.

    Cultivating my relationship with the Qi has already, with only several days of practice, dramatically affected my relationship with my body and my mind. As if the energy had a secret treasure map of my body, it moves through me, uncovering emotional goldmines I have kept buried, out of fear. This experience has proved to be both confusing and refreshing– to really look at the emotional trauma I have faced is painful, but the physical and emotional releases I am experiencing through this process are profound. I feel lighter, and more free.

    Brendan is a humble and passionate teacher. He is invested in and maintains a thorough understanding of the value of his work. Brendan has learned to present Qi Gong, the vocabulary around which may confuse the Western mind, in a totally accessible way to groups of people with myriad constructions of foundational knowledge.

    I deeply and wholeheartedly believe in the value of this work, individually and in reference to our global community. I am excited to continue my Qi Gong practice, and I am deeply grateful to have found such a kind and supportive guide in Brendan.”


  • Brian

    What is Qi or Chi energy? I had a friend recently say to me “It’s like all in your head, right? The Qi?” Wrong. I once told a Yoga instructor I was taking Qigong lessons and she said “Oh, I love those little dances you do.” This is not the type of Qigong that has worked for me, the kind that actually generates qi energy. The kind of Qigong I practice is Yi Ren Qigong, created from ancient Chinese Traditions.

    Qi energy is not something imagined or a trick: It has to be felt to be believed and cannot be fully explained or understood with words. However, the Qi can energize your mind and body and bring balance to both: I have felt it work in my life and have been practicing Qigong and Tai Chi since the fall. However, in order for one to truly feel qi, one has to practice Qigong and Tai Chi correctly. Enter my teacher Brendan Thorson.

    I remember feeling really unbalanced and moody/depressed off and on over the least few years. There could be a plethora of reasons for this, but they are not important. I looked for answers everywhere: herbs, anti-anxiety and depression meds, exercise, meditation etc, all of which worked a little, but not enough. One day I spoke with Brendan Thorson at the gym where I workout, and he told me about his new career path as a Qigong/Tai Chi instructor. So I decided to check out one of his intro-classes. What I was in for was a sensation I have never felt before. It was as if I discovered a well of energy within my body.

    The first time I experienced Qi, it felt as though static electricity was traveling up my arms and down my torso. It was subtle the first two sessions of Qigong, but over the ensuing weeks, became stronger and stronger.

    Of course, everybody has bad days, right? I recently had a horrible day and was going completely bonkers. That evening I attended a Qigong review session with Brendan Thorson and afterwards, felt more balanced and more energized. My sour attitude even changed from grumpy to at ease and optimistic. I felt stronger when going to the gym after the class, where (in addition to lifting weights) I practiced the natural progression of Qigong, Tai Chi: The two complement each other wonderfully. Moreover (although this takes awhile for most to develop this sense) , I do not crave “junk food” as much as my body is more able to decipher which foods are good and which are bad for my particular system, almost by sense of smell or intuition. I am not kidding. This is not to say that everyone will develop this sense as quickly, but most people will definitely feel the Qi, and it will help them restore balance and rejuvenate their bodies.

    Brian – January 8th 2010