• JP, November 2015

    I came to Brendan at a time in my life when I was lost, depressed, and weighted down with extreme sadness. My mind did not seem to find a way out of this maze of negativity and darkness. I was trying to lift myself up by eating light and healthy, regular jogging. I even started tai-chi. It did not seem to help at all. I could feel that I needed something else. The tai-chi lessons I took felt lame, mechanical, and without depth. I had practiced tai-chi before and enjoyed it, but for some reasons, going back to learning the moves one by one did not suit me. It felt empty. So, I continued looking for different tai-chi and similar arts that could help me connect with my inner self and be in harmony with my surroundings. What got my attention about Brendan’s practice was that he was practicing “healing” Qigong. Sure we all agree that qigong practices are, generally speaking, “healing”. But he was teaching a unique type of Qigong, and since I needed large amount of healing, I called Brendan.

    During our first session, he first spent time listening to my story, then began the qigong, where he held his hands facing different areas of my body, using different finger positions, while simultaneously guiding my attention and breadth to different areas of my body. By the end of the session, I knew something had changed in me. At the time I was not sure what it was but could describe it as grounding. I felt more grounded. In the following days my sleep began to improve and I started to feel less depressed, more hopeful and gained some clarity on the steps I needed to take to change my frame of mind, my mental attitude. I continued to see Brendan many times after that and discovered that Brendan did not only help me heal by working on me but by teaching me how I could practice on my own. I also went to his workshops, which helped a lot by complementing what I had learned with him. As I progressed, he taught me specific exercises for all my organ systems, especially the kidney, liver, intestine, immunity, lungs, and heart.

    If you practiced qigong before, you know it is often hard to describe what is going on inside ourselves during practices. What I can say is that the practices with Brendan helped me listen to my inner intelligence, my intuition if you will. It is like my body knew what to do in different situations. Little by little, I regained control of my emotions, I was able to distance myself from pain and sadness, I was able to rest my mind and feel my surroundings.

    I gained so much with his sessions that I took my 15-year old daughter many times to see him.

    Brendan’s sessions are powerful and the more you practice the more empowered you feel, and the more peaceful you feel.

    I would recommend to anybody to go meet Brendan and let him guide you through his teachings in order to find strength and peace. Only good things will come out of meeting him.

  • Joy Baer

    “I had no idea what to expect when starting the beginner Qigong/Tai Chi class, except that it would possibly be a new technique to use for self improvement. From the very first class, I could feel the powerful energy between my hands and a little through my body and I thought to myself, “These feelings seem familiar.” I’ve felt this before but had no idea what it was. It excites me to know that I can now learn to control this energy. The dull pains in my chest, shoulder center and kidneys I felt the day after class confirmed how powerful these techniques are.

    Brendan shows great care in helping his students understand these techniques and encourages us to not get too discouraged if you don’t “get it” right away.  I am now hopeful that as I continue to use Qigong techniques along with my other positive habits, I will be able to reach my personal goals to become a better person inside and out.”

    Joy Baer

  • Catherine

    “I started taking Qi Gong with Brendan Thorson over a year ago. I had never taken a Qi Gong class before and didn’t know what to expect. During the very first class I began to feel a startling sensation:  a magnetic, taffy-like energy between my hands and a current spiraling from my head through the core of my body. Admittedly, I was both unsettled and full of wonder about what this mysterious feeling was. It was Qi, and my new awareness of it would change my life.  Later that day after my first class, I began to feel discomfort in my chest as if a cork were stuck and trying to burst. I remember thinking that I wasn’t so sure Qi was a good thing! In retrospect, I understand that the Qi was working to push through years of stagnant accumulation in my chest—feelings I had held onto that were impeding my health, my ability to be open, and in general my ability to “go with the flow.” Within a couple more classes with Brendan my chest became clear, the discomfort went away, and I began to experience a strong connection with Qi during my practices. During some practices the Qi felt like a gentle, cleansing waterfall through my head and hands. I could take a deep breath. I was sleeping better at night. I was feeling more vitality. A light that I hadn’t seen in my eyes for a while returned. My skin seemed to glow. I was happier and feeling more in tune with myself, connected with others, and more at ease with the ebb and flow of the universe. I became dedicated to cultivating Qi and to continuing to strengthen my reserves and to leading a more aware, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    Recently I moved from Seattle to Los Angeles. What I have missed most is Brendan’s class! Whenever I come back to Seattle to visit I always try to participate in as many of Brendan’s classes as I can. Brendan’s classes even partly inspired me to begin studying Traditional Chinese Medicinein Los Angeles. I love my classes and am excited to be on this new path. I am grateful to say that Brendan’s Qi Gong class and my personal discovery of the wonders of Qi cultivation have enhanced my life.  I wholeheartedly recommend Brendan’s classes to anyone who is curious about exploring Qi Gong.”

    Catherine, Los Angeles – 5/31/2010

  • Brian

    What is Qi or Chi energy? I had a friend recently say to me “It’s like all in your head, right? The Qi?” Wrong. I once told a Yoga instructor I was taking Qigong lessons and she said “Oh, I love those little dances you do.” This is not the type of Qigong that has worked for me, the kind that actually generates qi energy. The kind of Qigong I practice is Yi Ren Qigong, created from ancient Chinese Traditions.

    Qi energy is not something imagined or a trick: It has to be felt to be believed and cannot be fully explained or understood with words. However, the Qi can energize your mind and body and bring balance to both: I have felt it work in my life and have been practicing Qigong and Tai Chi since the fall. However, in order for one to truly feel qi, one has to practice Qigong and Tai Chi correctly. Enter my teacher Brendan Thorson.

    I remember feeling really unbalanced and moody/depressed off and on over the least few years. There could be a plethora of reasons for this, but they are not important. I looked for answers everywhere: herbs, anti-anxiety and depression meds, exercise, meditation etc, all of which worked a little, but not enough. One day I spoke with Brendan Thorson at the gym where I workout, and he told me about his new career path as a Qigong/Tai Chi instructor. So I decided to check out one of his intro-classes. What I was in for was a sensation I have never felt before. It was as if I discovered a well of energy within my body.

    The first time I experienced Qi, it felt as though static electricity was traveling up my arms and down my torso. It was subtle the first two sessions of Qigong, but over the ensuing weeks, became stronger and stronger.

    Of course, everybody has bad days, right? I recently had a horrible day and was going completely bonkers. That evening I attended a Qigong review session with Brendan Thorson and afterwards, felt more balanced and more energized. My sour attitude even changed from grumpy to at ease and optimistic. I felt stronger when going to the gym after the class, where (in addition to lifting weights) I practiced the natural progression of Qigong, Tai Chi: The two complement each other wonderfully. Moreover (although this takes awhile for most to develop this sense) , I do not crave “junk food” as much as my body is more able to decipher which foods are good and which are bad for my particular system, almost by sense of smell or intuition. I am not kidding. This is not to say that everyone will develop this sense as quickly, but most people will definitely feel the Qi, and it will help them restore balance and rejuvenate their bodies.

    Brian – January 8th 2010