Acupuncturists, Counselors, Nurses & Massage Therapists

  • Andy RN, BSN, CCM

    “Working with Brendan’s Qigong program has opened up a door for my gaining greater control of my stress and anxiety, and has enabled me to approach my job duties in a more whole grounded way. I now experience a greater level of happiness in my life and a more energized and balanced perspective from which to approach the complexities of health care and modern life.” Andrew J. Gillig RN, BSN, CCM

  • Nurse & Massage Therapist: Best Self Care Ever Found


    “Brendan’s Qigong class is the best Self-Care I have found in over 25 years. I am amazed at how little I react to stressful moments. My severe anxiety issues are gone & my energy levels stay constant throughout the day.” Jill Morris, LNP, LMP, RMT

  • Massage Therapist Yi Ren Qigong Testimonial

  • Massage Therapist & Acupuncture Student


    Like a sacred circle, Brendan’s qigong class has provided me with a safe place in which to do my healing work. Just 48 hours before I happened to find myself in one of his introductory classes, my marriage had fallen apart. Even though I was in shock, I instantly knew that I needed to practice this style of qigong in order to help myself through this crisis. After each class I attended, I could feel a glimmer of chi energy growing within me. Brendan shared his personal experiences of self healing in such a positive way that I felt motivated to keep going through my struggle to find myself again. I found his classes helped me to develop and maintain many healthy habits.

    Yi-Ren Qigong prevented me from going down into despair or into any type of long-term negative thinking or activity. Instead, it helped me to grow a stronger sense of wellness than I had ever felt before. Building my qigong practice has helped to benefit me in all areas of my life, especially in my emotions, my thinking and my sense of place in the world.
    I am truly grateful to Brendan and to Dr. Sun for teaching us these ancient yet powerful exercises that I have found to be so life enhancing.

    Thank you!

    Tonya Rehder, LMP
    August 20, 2013
    Des Moines, WA

  • Chiropractor Traveling from Idaho to Seattle for Training

    I am a chiropractor, I practice in Moscow, Idaho (5 hr drive from Seattle). I’ve been studying Qigong with Brendan for six months. I’ve taken his weekend level 1, 2 and 3 classes, Jing and Rou and Moving with Qi. The material is amazing, and the speed with which it comes together is incredible. I’ve studied a variety of disciplines for over 30 years and nothing has come close to developing internal power and sensitivity the way Brendan’s material does. My ability to perceive what it is my patients need has gone up exponentially and my ability to treat them has expanded enormously since I started this practice. For decades I’ve been searching for the catalyst that allows us to consciously join with the unseen force that creates and binds all together. Yi Ren qigong is that catalyst. I strongly endorse Brendan’s teaching.

    Kevin Smith, D.C.

  • Testimonial by C, a Female Massage Therapist

    Testimonial by C:


    About a year and a half ago my life was in shambles – financially, physically, emotionally and energetically.  Everything about me was dark and disconnected.  I knew I needed help.  First I did some soul searching, then some researching, and finally found my way into an introductory Qigong class, taught by Brendan Thorson.

    I have found that Yi Ren Qigong allows me to cultivate an extremely powerful energetic experience, and at the same time assists me in achieving a heightened physical and spiritual state of awareness. This practice helps me to be more grounded and connected to all aspects of this wondrous life.

    Although my class attendance has been sporadic, due to my travel schedule,  I am continually feeling the pull to deepen my practice.  Completing Level 1 Qigong, taking Tai Chi,  then attending  a class or two every few months along with a Level 1 CD has been helpful.   I am in a much better ‘inner’ place these days.

    For now, I am being gentle with myself and jumping thru the windows of opportunity as they are opened to me.  My great hope is to be blessed with the opportunity to move back to Seattle, let my roots sink once again into the NW soil, and continue growing and learning Qigong thru classes with Brendan.  I have found Brendan to be a kind, intuitive, and knowledgeable instructor.  Thank you Brendan for sharing this gift with so many!

  • Lynn, Registered Nurse

    “As a Nurse, I initially felt pretty skeptical about attending the QiGong training with Brendan. My days are spent in science based activities and Western medicine. I was really surprised when I was able to feel the energy between my hands and an unexplainable sense of joy and lightness during the first class. The benefits have been: sleeping more soundly, feeling more energized during the day, not feeling as overwhelmed during the day with stress, greatly reduced anxiety, feeling grounded and feeling more connected to other people. My diet and appetite has also changed for the better, I now crave healthier foods.” Lynn, Registered Nurse

  • Kathleen Nordgren Acupuncturists

    I am an acupuncturist who has attended Brendan Thorson’s Qi Gong classes for nearly 2 years.  I have been an acupuncturist for 9 years and I have found the classes to be extremely helpful to me in my work. I can now feel the meridians flow in my body and have gained greater sensitivity feeling Qi during my treatments.

    I first studied Qi Gong nearly 20 years ago.  At that time, I learned a lot about cleansing the body with Five Organ Breathing, but I did not learn much about building my Qi or about gaining greater physical strength and grounding.  I also did not feel much energy.

    But when I began studying with Brendan Thorson and began practicing Yi Ren Qi Gong, I began to actually feel a great deal of Qi between my hands and up my legs and I began to build up my internal energy.  I have now experienced greater grounding, physical strength and emotional calmness due to the exercises.

    Kathy Nordgren, Licensed Acupuncturist
    White Crane Wellness Center
    3435 California Avenue SW
    Lincoln Park location
    7723 45th Avenue SW
    Seattle, Washington 98136
    phone 206-930-3401

  • Cris Angel, DA, EAMP, H.DD

    “Time is the Master Hypnosis item of life….choose wisely to be in Presence and the worlds will open to you.  Brendan is a facilitator and holder of a key you will want to gain greater insights into our multi sensory world.  G*d loves a good story and its Wake Up to Life.”

    Cris Angel, DA, EAMP, H.DD – Bellevue, WA

  • Katelon, Licensed Massage Therapist

    “Brendan is such a warm, compassionate, supportive, confident teacher. Plus the Qi Gong he is teaching is so effective. I have tried Qi Gong before and it felt so complicated and difficult to follow and I didn’t feel positive affects from it. But in this teaching, I sleep much better, I feel more grounded and I feel much more energy.”

    -Katelon, Licensed Massage Therapist