Continuing Education

  • Continuing Education for Health Care Providers

    Working as a health care provider can be an extremely fulfilling career. However, at the same time the costs of the unhealthy energy exchange that naturally occur between client and therapist will also drain one of their vitality and pollute one with toxic energy that slowly degrades one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Whether beginner or master, Acupuncturist or healer, the Level 1 Part 1 workshop can allow one to take their health and healing career to a higher level. One will learn:

    1. Self-care for internal energy refreshment, recharge and cleansing
    2. Engineer and upgrade energy protection and release of unhealthy energies
    3. Increase and balance Yin/Yang, organ, endocrine and nervous system energy levels for improved health and healing of one’s mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health
    4. Learn the intellectual framework to program and manage our internal energy system
    5. Integrate Qigong Healing into massage or healing practice- *A natural byproduct of the qigong development
    6. Refine healing skills- *A natural byproduct of increased awareness levels that come from the qigong development

    This course teaches the foundational exercises for internal Qi-energy activation, cultivation, grounding and circulation. We will learn the internal energy activation exercises, which involve activating the “lifegate” or battery pack of our energy system, followed by cultivating our energy centers and grounding our internal energy. These Qi-energy based exercises will increase vitality and creativity, enhance immunity and self-healing, and improve the quality of practitioners’ lives.

    Additional Benefits Available from Yi Ren Qigong include:

    • Release of undesirable client/ foreign energies
    • Build & strengthen Protection and Security to undesirable client/ foreign energies
    • Release and transform excess emotional, mental & physical stress that have built up in your system
    • Upgrade and balance Parasympathetic and Sympathetic nervous system to increase internal strength and to nourish and calm the nervous system and organs
    • Improve sleep quality-(REM Cycle), less sleep will be necessary to feel refreshed and recharged
    • Overcome anxieties
    • Balance and nourish endocrine glands for higher vitality and youthfulness
    • Increase stress & work Capacity
    • Become grounded, centered, deeply aware and connected to oneself & others
    • Restore the health of the Adrenal and Thyroid glands
    • As one becomes more centered & aware then one can significantly refine their massage & healing skills
    • Empathetic’s become less sensitive and build resistance to foreign energies
    • Strengthen immune system & resistance to colds, flus & germs
    • Increase & balance energies
    • Learn self mastery of one’s emotions
    • Transform & release excess emotions like fears, anger, frustration, depression & worries
    • Achieve a higher level of inner peace, self esteem, confidence, courage & happiness
    • Learn self mastery for ones self care: Foods, Thoughts, Activities, Internal Conflicts…
    • And much more…