Dreama’s Healing Journey w/ Yi Ren® Qigong

  • Breaking Through

    Monday, September 30, 2013

    The I Ching:  Song Dynasty

    Today I participated in my second I Ching seminar for Yi Ren Qigong. We studied the Plum Flower Yi Jing. In this style one has no need of coins or yarrow sticks, but rather studies to learn to observe nature and understand through the principles of Yi Jing. That’s how I understand it. Of course, this is the second time I took the course and each time things become more clear. When I say, “study,” I don’t mean literally study the material written. I mean we do meditation exercises where we viscerally learn to understand the trigrams and our connections through energy work and using mudras. Pretty wonderful actually. I am very interested in practicing and refining my work in this area.

    But, after class I developed a really sharp and sudden headache. This happened last week and is definitely related to pain in my shoulders and neck. It seems that it is caused by the energy working in my body and perhaps blockages. No fun! But, then, if they go away for good, I will be so happy.


  • How My Energy Feels Today

    Friday, September 20, 2013 

    I have practiced my Yi Ren Qigong twice today–once on my own and one longer session with the level 1 DVD by Dr. Sun. It really helps to have a visual and a voice, when doing Yi Ren Qigong.

    Then, I decided that I wanted to draw briefly with colors how my energy feels when I practice. I have no idea of why I chose these colors. And, my energy feelings are not really that intense. But, this is not a literal expression for me. Practicing Yi Ren Qigong  is a really big deal and feels huge and somewhat overwhelming at this time. And, upon reflection, that is what I see in my little drawing. The overwhelm and pressure–the power–of considering the reach of my Qi energy. It’s not very artistic by choice. As an art therapist, I took the advice I would have given any client, “Be free and don’t worry about what it looks like. Just draw what you feel!”
  • Getting Creative!

    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    Lately I have been thinking of how to use my art therapy and photography in conjunction with my Yi Ren Qigong practice. I love the photos that my little Emma and I take together in the woods. But, I also know that maybe it’s time to challenge myself and use drawing to scan the energy growing in me. Soon, I hope to have a drawing that begins to express this in a visceral way for myself. Sketches with color seem to feel like a good way to start! Or, water color paintings!

    I feel the Qi energy pretty easily in my hands, arms and from my energy centers. For example, when I practice developing the energy between my hands and my Dantian or my kidneys/Life Gate or even my sacrum or Marrow Gate, I feel energy and heat pretty readily. Sometimes I feel shooting, tingling sensations. And, if I move my hands back and forth, I feel strong magnetic feelings. Of course, I have to say that it has taken time and practice. And, I still have a long ways to go before the energy grows and sinks into my body to the point where I can feel it moving around my meridians. That is when the true healing can happen.

    When I reflected last night at our last Health Psychology Topics class on the benefits of my Qigong practice so far, I realized that they are significant. One student mentioned that it’s been a while since she has seen me walking bent over in pain half way through class. Another mentioned to me later that my energy is so much lighter and my face looks more relaxed. I have to say that I agree. I can walk and stand longer at a time. I am sleeping better. But, I still have my rough times.

    This morning I woke up sore and with a headache. I was tired from waking too early. But, I know it’s likely because I worked pretty much all day yesterday and then later went to the Moving With Qi class at The Noble School of Tai Chi and Qigong Training over in the University District here in seattle with Brendan Thorson. This is much more than I could have done earlier in the summer. I did some Yi Ren Qigong and self-massage first thing this morning and it helped. I am still not feeling great though. Some of me wants to go to bed when I ache. But, I am living my life “as if” being active will heal me. So, I keep moving! Work a little, walk a little, stretch a little, sing a little, dance a little! Oh, and work a little more! Ha!

  • Sinking In

    Saturday, September 14, 2013

    The Qi energy is sinking in.  And, because I am becoming more sensitive and aware in my body, I am able to notice little change in my energy centers. For example, today I had heat and other mild sensations in my crown and shoulder centers. I also had strong tingling in my kidneys and down my left leg and thigh. Most of my sensations are on my left side. My left hand also has the strongest energy sensations. Yin energy.

    Sometimes I feel really hopeful. I like the feeling of the energy building and the sensations of playing with it. I like the fact that I feel I am getting stronger, even though doing the simplest yoga poses are so painful for me still. And, I am very slowly becoming more flexible and in touch with my body. Yi Ren Qigong is truly a healing modality. Of that, I am sure.

    Other times I get fearful and anxious. I still don’t know where I will be living and I don’t have a decent regular job. I still have pain daily. But, maybe I am dealing with it better since I have become more calm through the meditative nature of the Qigong practice. Like my teacher says, when the wrong thoughts come–the ones that bring me down–just change the channel! Or, frame the problem differently. Instead of beating myself up because I don’t have a good job, I need to think of better ways to find jobs. I certainly won’t find one if I spend all my time angry or sad about my predicament!

    Tomorrow is the second day of my second Level 1 Seminar. I hope I can sleep tonight and feel better in the morning!

  • Health and Beauty Through Qigong

    Wednesday, August 14, 2013

    My teacher, Brendan Thorson, at The Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong Training in Seattle, Washington has many wonderful articles about healing with Yi Ren Qigong on his website.

    I just discovered this one! I could use some help in the youthful-vitality areas of health!


    At sixty years old, I feel that I am aging faster than most people. Of course, having painful scoliosis puts a lot of stress on me physically, as well as emotionally. So, it’s not really surprising. Still, who doesn’t want to be more healthy and have that glow of youthfulness!

    Time will tell! I am only a few weeks into the practice of Yi ren Qigong. It’s much too early to know my potential. If it works, I will post an “after” picture someday! Ha!

  • So Much To Learn!

    Tuesday, August 13, 2013

    The world of Qigong is amazing and so complex. I have so much to learn! I am excited and am exploring the Qigong Network on LinkedIn this week. So many knowledgeable people from so many different, but related, paths.

    I read one discussion on “Hitting the Drum,” which is similar to what Brendan Thorson, my teacher, taught us. It’s a tapping and rubbing at the back of the neck. It’s also stimulating the GB and good for many reasons.

    Of course, daily practice of exercises like the Small Universe (one of my favorites) are most important for overall, whole health. But, the tapping the back of my neck feels divine.

    Taking time to read and learn about the history of Qigong, the variety of Qigong forms and practices is something I am enjoying. I want to share some of my favorite links with you. There are many, many resources in our communities and online for learning about Qigong. I will add more as I find them and please let me know if you have some to share!

    Many Blessings!


    The Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong Training

    Institute of Qigong & Integrative Medicine

    Article: Qigong Eases Fibromyalgia

    Article: Anticancer Qigong Therapy

    Qigong for Diabetes

    “We join spokes together in a wheel,
    but it is the center hole
    that makes the wagon move.
    We shape clay into a pot
    But it is the emptiness inside
    That holds whatever we want.
    We hammer wood for a house
    But it is the inner space
    That makes it livable.”
    —Tao Te Ching

  • Growing Qi Energy

    Saturday, September 7, 2013

    My teacher, Brendan Thorson, of The Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong Training in Seattle talked about how learning Yi Ren Qigong is about energy that grows and expands like walking up a spiraling staircase as one repeats levels. By this I mean that a student of Yi Ren Qigong gets something different from each level. And, because of that fact, students take the levels repeatedly.  The teachings from Level 1, 2 or 3 are not something that become obsolete after you complete them. In fact, your Qi energy continues to compound and grow with every level, seminar or course of Yi Ren Qigong. So, even the seasoned students can always gain Qi and learning from the repetition of any level or seminar.

    My Qi energies have grown over that past few weeks and I notice the Qi in my right hand is much more developed now. It’s easier to activate and gets stronger more quickly. I also have had less pain lately and have been much more calm–less agitated or stressed. All good things! Tomorrow I have a whole day of Yi Ren Qigong. This week I have 2 evening sessions. Then, next weekend I will do the first level seminar again–my second time. All I hope for is that the weather cools down some! Feeling so blessed!

  • With Fall Comes…..

    Tuesday, September 3, 2013

    With Fall comes the cool fresh air, the grey days of Seattle, the rains and my tendency to hole up at home. I love to make art, read books, watch films and play music. All of these activities increase for me in fall, when I have time, of course. Now I think about how my life needs to change to include daily meditation and Yi Ren Qigong practice. Why? Because I want so much to have my life back! To have much less pain! To dance again! To take long walks! To say, “I can!” instead of “I can’t.”

    For anyone going through big health changes, there is much to consider. Balancing your life is very important. Yin and Yang. Fine tuning daily activities is huge. Getting enough rest, work and also exercise is my biggest challenge. Our society expects and encourages us from an early age to be “out of balance.” Even our sweet young children go to school, to before and after school programs, to camps, to lessons….then home to do homework and off to bed. It’s much like our own “rat race” mindset about working long hours, always improving, barely resting and on the go 24/7.  Even though I have cut back my hours for working due to pain levels, I still feel that level of urgency that causes my blood pressure to rise rapidly!

    And, I must say that it takes a good 20-30 minute session of Yi Ren Qigong for me to mellow out and feel any kind of groundedness most days. So, YES! I say. My goal now is a session in the morning and one at night before sleeping.


  • Serene, Grounded, Relaxed? You Must Practice Self-Care!

    Monday, August 26, 2013

    This morning I was wise enough to begin the day with Yi Ren Qigong and it really made a difference in my energy levels and sense of groundedness. It helps me that it’s become cooler outside. We even got a little rain here in Seattle to darken the soil, freshen the air and bring that feeling of nourishment after the dry heat of August.

    I must say that I feel different today. I have less pain and I am wondering if it has something also to do with this amazing herbal medicine my housemate told me about that has a developed a fast reputation for being an excellent natural painkiller. It’s very expensive (of course) and I officially went in debt to try it today. It’s called Curamin and it’s made by “Terry Naturally.” It’s a new kind of mix and I am very hopeful. You can learn more at http://curamin.com

    In the coming weeks I will be attending a number of classes at The Noble School of Tai Chi & Qigong Training mostly  in the University District of Seattle. This will give me a great feeling of energy revitalization for my practice. I always feel so amazingly healthy and high after practicing with a group. One of the evening classes is about “self care.”  I believe that this will be an essential reminder to me that I must take full responsibility for my own self-care.

    It’s only been a few years now that I have practiced self-care mindfully. And, I have to admit that I still struggle. Before then, I was always pushing myself too hard by working full-time, being a single mother and doing physical work in my garden and yard. All of this, while dealing with increasing pain from degenerative scoliosis. It wasn’t until I had a nine month stretch of incapacitating sciatic nerve pain and later almost a year of trigeminal neuralgia that I was forced to slow down and take care of myself.

    Later, I  learned about what it really means to be a woman from First Nation women’s perspective, which gave me a more spiritual perspective of my meaning in life and my responsibilities to myself first of all–then to my family and community.

    Thank goodness for opportunities to learn! I feel this is a time of learning for me that is important and meaningful to the rest of my life. I want to to live fully, to be pure love, to practice self-care mindfully and to learn, learn, learn! xo

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