Perseverance. That word can mean so much. I am not going to lie: I have seen many people reach a wall in their Qigong practice. Instead of taking a break or lessening the intensity of their practice, some people just quit altogether. I think that’s a huge mistake.

I went to my first Yi Ren Qigong lesson in several months yesterday and I am sure glad that I did. Today, I feel stronger and more aware of what I need to do to continue to live a healthy life. Yi Ren Qigong along with tai chi and meditation will be a large part of the rest of my life. I know that through this spiritual journey that I will reach many obstacles and even feel like just going back to old programs and habits that don’t fix the problem and nourish my body and soul, but just act as an anesthetic, numbing the problem—not fixing it.

In Level III yesterday, some of the exercises we practiced included re-directing our reproductive energies back into the body to nourish it and also, directing qi into the different glands of the endocrine system. I really felt the benefits to my endocrine system in my adrenal glands and thyroid. At the end of the class, my mind was much quieter and I felt more energetically balanced.

I especially noticed that my kidneys sucked up the qi and my lower back, which had been a bit achy earlier in the day, felt stronger and free from pain. That is not to say that all I experienced during the lesson was pleasant: I did have moments of pain in my muscles and joints, but that subsided as the lesson continued. Some people have felt a great deal of pain the next day after a Yi Ren Qigong lesson. But this pain is not caused by the Qigong, but rather by the qi working through what could be old injuries or blocked qi along the acupuncture meridians…

So my advice to those who are frustrated with their Qigong practice is to not give up! You will reach many hardships and obstacles along your Qigong journey, but if you persevere through them, the rewards are well worth you struggle…

This is your Yi Ren Qigong friend, the Peaceful Warrior, signing off…

Be well…
The Peaceful Warrior.

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