Self-Care for Health Care Providers w/ Qigong (Taichi) with Brendan Thorson LMP

Bellevue Massage School,
We have NEW CE Classes starting in November 2013:

Self-Care for Health Care Providers w/ Qigong (Taichi) with Brendan Thorson LMP

Over the past 5,000+ years the ancient Taoists discovered many secrets to healing and maintaining one’s health.  Now many of these secrets are available to you from Yi Ren® Qigong! In this introductory class you will learn to activate your energy field and your internal energy system.  We will focus on Self-Care for Health Care Providers and will include the activation and balancing of the Heart and the Kidney Energy Centers. Join Yi Ren Qigong instructor BRENDAN THORSON, LMP, of The Noble School of Taichi & Qigong Training to experience how Yi Ren Qigong can improve the quality of your life and health.


Some benefits of Yi Ren Qigong include:

·         Improved overall health and immune system.

·         Increase self-confidence, intuition and personal vitality.

·         Become more relaxed and grounded with increased Qi energy, which can lead to increased sensitivity and ability to connect with clients on a deeper level.

·         Improve energy protection and learn to release foreign energies.



Video Testimonials


Massage Therapist & Acupuncture Student Testimonial

“Like a sacred circle, Brendan’s qigong class has provided me with a safe place in which to do my healing work. Just 48 hours before I happened to find myself in one of his introductory classes, my marriage had fallen apart. Even though I was in shock, I instantly knew that I needed to practice this style of qigong in order to help myself through this crisis. After each class I attended, I could feel a glimmer of chi energy growing within me. Brendan shared his personal experiences of self healing in such a positive way that I felt motivated to keep going through my struggle to find myself again. I found his classes helped me to develop and maintain many healthy habits.


Yi-Ren Qigong prevented me from going down into despair or into any type of long-term negative thinking or activity. Instead, it helped me to grow a stronger sense of wellness than I had ever felt before. Building my qigong practice has helped to benefit me in all areas of my life, especially in my emotions, my thinking and my sense of place in the world.”–Tonya Zarlengo, LMP

Class Dates:

Date: Sunday November 3rd 2013

Class: Self-Care for Health Care Providers w/ Qigong (Taichi)

Location: Bellevue Massage School

Class Time: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

CE Hours: 3 Hours

Cost: $40


To register for either or both of these classes please call Bellevue Massage School at (425)641-3409 PLEASE Call BMS to pre-pay over the phone for one or both of these  Continuing Education Classes or email us with questions at

For directions to the school, check out our website:

Notes: For this class please wear loose, comfortable clothing

*There is a $20, non-refundable handling fee per class to withdraw from the class once you have registered. To receive a partial refund on your deposit for the class, you must notify us by 10/31/13 if you are unable to attend.



To register for either or both of these classes please call Bellevue Massage School at (425)641-3409

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