Sinking In

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Qi energy is sinking in.  And, because I am becoming more sensitive and aware in my body, I am able to notice little change in my energy centers. For example, today I had heat and other mild sensations in my crown and shoulder centers. I also had strong tingling in my kidneys and down my left leg and thigh. Most of my sensations are on my left side. My left hand also has the strongest energy sensations. Yin energy.

Sometimes I feel really hopeful. I like the feeling of the energy building and the sensations of playing with it. I like the fact that I feel I am getting stronger, even though doing the simplest yoga poses are so painful for me still. And, I am very slowly becoming more flexible and in touch with my body. Yi Ren Qigong is truly a healing modality. Of that, I am sure.

Other times I get fearful and anxious. I still don’t know where I will be living and I don’t have a decent regular job. I still have pain daily. But, maybe I am dealing with it better since I have become more calm through the meditative nature of the Qigong practice. Like my teacher says, when the wrong thoughts come–the ones that bring me down–just change the channel! Or, frame the problem differently. Instead of beating myself up because I don’t have a good job, I need to think of better ways to find jobs. I certainly won’t find one if I spend all my time angry or sad about my predicament!

Tomorrow is the second day of my second Level 1 Seminar. I hope I can sleep tonight and feel better in the morning!

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