Doing a Practice

Monday, July 29, 2013

Doing a practice–any practice really–is not an easy task. A million things get in the way of best intentions. Right now (and I am sooo grateful) I have way too much work for my health. I spend endless hours on the computer grading papers and working on seven different jobs. No time for art, music, exercise or my biggest commitment–Yi Ren Qigong!

So, how am I going to solve this problem?  Well, I am not sure. I am working on it one moment at a time. It’s after 11pm tonight and I spent the day being much more physical than usual. I had a flat tire today that shifted everything for me. I was stranded for hours at the tire store and had to walk several blocks to and from a cafe for food (This is way out of my comfort zone, but I did it!) Then, because my car was empty for once, I cleaned it inside and out and shopped for food and graded at least 15 papers tonight. The point is that I won’t be doing my practice tonight. But, there is always tomorrow!

By the way, this photo of a dandelion is by Emma. She’s an amazing photographer who is quite young and talented!

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