E Pluribus Unum

By Brian Kane,

It was the winter of 2009 and I had just begun taking Yi Ren Qigong lessons from Brendan
Thorson. One night, after a two-hour lesson, he and I sauntered down University Avenue in the
U-District of Seattle. As we approached the south part of the Avenue, we came upon a homeless
man sitting in a doorway, bundled up with a thick layer of clothes and a tattered coat. It is my
usual habit to ignore street people. This is not just because they potentially will ask for money, of
which I usually oblige, but also deep down, I know that any unfortunate twist of fate could make
me end up just like them: homeless and often hopeless.

Brendan on the other hand, to my surprise, casually struck up a conversation with the disheveled,
bearded vagrant and actually knew who this man was. I was very taken back by this because
although I had empathy for homeless people, I also thought they were, to some degree, beneath
me and consorting with them would be an outright admission that I was no better than they
were and that in some ways their equal. The fact is, we are all equal and yes, we are all one
consciousness bonded together by our commonness of being made of star stuff that descended to
earth billions of years ago. Therefore we are all also of the stars and also of the Universe. This
notion is was touched on by the famous astrophysicist Carl Sagan who stated, “The nitrogen in
our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made
in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.”

With that in mind, all things being equal, let’s begin to think about the time we live in. Most of
us are aware that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. On this date, it is commonly
believed that the earth’s energy will shift as we transition from the age of Pisces to the age of
Aquarius. This means that the earth’s precession (which causes it to wobble like a spinning
child’s top) will cause the sun to rise in the constellation of Aquarius, transitioning from Pisces.

According to Brendan Thorson, “Based on my understanding (what I have read or heard from
other spiritually enlightened people) the universal energies over the past 2,500 years have been
more dominant in the earth center and as the energy is shifting to the new stage
(which 12/21 is supposed to be a major transition day) and again based on my understanding the
universal energies will become more dominant at the higher centers like the crown and or third
eye.” These energy centers are believed to be more yin than yang oriented.

Whatever the case may be, as Carl Sagan stated, we are made of star stuff. The wobble of the
earth, causing its precession is created by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, which also
creates the equatorial bulge. So one must deduce, if we are made of star stuff and if the moon
and the sun, which itself is a star, affects the rotation of the earth on its access as well as its form,
would not the earth in its relation to the stars affect its inhabitants awareness and even epochs of
great awakenings?

It is upon writing this that I remember a dream within a dream.

During a train ride from the glistening Emerald City to the City of Roses, nestled along the Willamette River, an old Indian man of about 80 years of age sat next to my aching body, and although it was on the cusp of winter, his garb was that of only leather sandals and a brown hooded cloak. His chocolate brown,deep-set, soft, peaceful eyes smiled at me as he noticed the pain in my tired, distant gaze and the
books in my messenger beg. I began to feel a deep warmth and assuring pressure in my chest and
the old man’s calming presence induced me to place the words of Krishna on my lap and switch
my gaze inward as he lightly patted my back, attempting to quiet my mind, and in my mind I
saw visions and heard enchanting melodies, weaving themselves into a brilliant, glowing beacon,
calling me to come closer…

As many insects were once an egg, then a larva, then a pupa and then an adult, so might be each
of our journeys through life. The smile of childhood often leads to the frown of adolescent angst,
which can travel well into adulthood, but comes full circle after the pupa state, during which we
emerge with a higher awareness and newly grown, uniquely colored wings.

All in all, it is best to remember the onensess that exists between us and the Universe. It is
also very beneficial to remember that we can be blinded by the light as much as the darkness.
Perhaps it is best to become friends with both, so that we can bask in the beauty of the shadows,
unfettered and untarnished by the power of each selfish force, always meek and humble,
patiently waiting for the arrival of Love, the Seer of seers, which illuminates the truth and our
true selves.

I woke up during the twilight hour, as the train crossed over the Columbia River, from what must
have been a strange dream. The old man was nowhere in sight and in his place was a teenage
boy wearing tattered, punkish attire and a frozen sneer on his fresh face. Instead of avoiding
looking in his direction, I smiled at him as the old man had smiled at me and to my surprise he
smiled back; his scrunched brow then began to melt. We both relaxed back into our seats as the
humming of the train’s engine lulled us into a comforting trance.

And then I arose in my real bed and had a thought:
We will all arise from slumber on December 21, 2012 not to raging fires consuming the planet with doomsday fury, but perhaps with a more peaceful, caring mindset, as our dormant, fused Pineal Glands light up, receiving transmissions from the source, beyond the visible stars in the sky.

The journey never ends, but the choice about what to do along the way is up to each one of us.

Here is a documentary I recommend watching called Kymatica. It addresses the oneness of
human beings and it also speaks of a possible, if not necessary, shift in the consciousness of

Kymatica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkbvJFEQgJU

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