Becoming a Full-time Employee of the Practice of Yi Ren Qigong.

Blog entry by Brian Kane, May 30, 2012

Initially, when my contract ran out with my former employee, I was immensely stressed. However, I was also very relieved to have left that position, since it was not a job that addressed my true passions. Although I am not sure if it is possible to find a job that you are truly passionate about. Well, I suppose it is possible, but definitely not easy. Unfortunately, it seems that many employers are either only hiring part-time or are using employment agencies to fill jobs, oftentimes with contract workers. This makes it very hard to have a pleasant or optimistic outlook about one’s future at a prospective or current employer.

Not having a job gives you time to think more about yourself and your interests. For instance, since being unemployed, I have been working a lot more on guitars and playing guitar. I have been writing more and studying web developing. Most importantly, I have more time to practice Yi Ren Qigong.

You might ask: Why is that the most important thing? Well, in order to think with a clear mind and relieve the stress induced by being jobless, I have practiced Yi Ren Qigong and it has helped tremendously. I have to remember that I am an individual and do not have to follow any predestined path, laid out by what society or corporate America deems important. In order to find what I believe to be important, I look within, aided by Qigong and meditation.

It’s hard for me to believe that it has been eight years since I wrote an article about a career counselor named Larry Gaffin, who has since passed away. Gaffin was the owner and founder of Seattle’s Center for Life Decisions, which was a support group to help people get ideas for finding enjoyable careers.

Some of the most interesting things Gaffin stated were that: “If people don’t have balance, then they tend not to make decisions well. When people are looking for a job, they tend to get very stressed. They tend to neglect two things: their health and their relationships. Guys in particular, we tend to isolate ourselves. We tend not to ask people for help.” (Kidd, Brian. “Finding Work That Matters”. Madison Park Times [Seattle, WA] June 2004: A11. Print.)

I have to think to myself, all in all, what is the most important thing, just finding a job or finding a job that is enjoyable? Let’s say it takes me awhile to find work that I enjoy or find a job at all. What is the worse thing that could happen? I suppose I could become homeless. However that is very unlikely. Here is what might actually have to happen: I might have to move out of my apartment. I could stay with friends until I get back on my feet. I might have to sell my car. I could use the money I get for the car to pay it off. Then when I get a job, I could buy a different car. I can take the bus to job interviews and such. I will have to adapt.

Those are the biggest concerns I have and when I type them out, I realize that in the greater scheme of things, they are miniscule. I will be fine.

There is no question that the job market is tough right now–really tough. But by taking a step back from my job search and practicing Yi Ren Qigong, which includes any exercise from Level One to Level Three (including the Yi Ren Qigong Wisdom Gate meditation), I have been able to keep a much calmer mind and focus on being happy and healthy. Most importantly, despite having had many of my job applications rejected, Yi Ren Qigong has helped me realize and maintain a high love of self. It has helped me realize my self worth. Not being employed can be very disheartening. Yi Ren Qigong has helped me keep my heart and faith. Ever onward.

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