Let Your Kidneys Be Your Winter Warmer

A blog by Brian Kane 1/18/2011,

It is officially winter in Seattle as the snow has begun falling on the meandering streets and in the murky back alleys. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the season where the kidneys, related to the element of water, are really affected. Since I have been studying Yi Ren QiGong, I have not felt the affect that the seasons have had on my internal organs. That is, until now. In fact, my organs seem to be communicating with me all the time. And yes, I have especially noticed the sensitivity of my kidneys.

For instance, if I begin to think of a detrimental, self-destructive thought, I will usually get a sharp pain, mostly in my left kidney. That is my kidney warning me that my thoughts are harming that organ, draining it of vital Qi energy. I usually repeat to myself: confidence, courage and strength, when I get fearful, and those thoughts seem to be an antidote. This usually warms up my kidneys, If I begin to feel loneliness, my heart will begin to hurt and I will try to change that emotion to joy by thinking about Universal Love, generosity and kindness. My heart will then begin to feel less heavy and I can relax.

Yi Ren QiGong instructor Brendan Thorson believes that our thoughts are just as important as food. Just like there is junk food, there are also junk thoughts. Those thoughts can create negative, toxic thinking patterns that can be very harmful to our internal organs, and in turn our ability to think clearly, undisturbed by blockages. Conversely, the condition of the organs also affect how the mind functions. I believe that once we repeatedly use positive words and ideas or emotions as antidotes then, along with regular QiGong practice, we can plunge internal blockages and reprogram our minds to think with productive, positive thinking patterns.

Recently, I noticed that when I drink alcohol, I will get uncharacteristically angry or agitated. My liver area might also feel tight, I do not believe that this is because my liver, which is associated with the emotion of anger, is weak, but that since I have been studying Yi Ren QiGong, my body quickly warns me when I have drank too much. This has lead me to developing a rule about how many drinks are healthy and not harmful for me to consume: that rule is about two drinks a night. I was never a heavy drinker, but I really appreciate my liver communicating with me, letting me know when I have had too much. The same goes with caffeine. I have read that caffeine affects the adrenal glands, which are located above the kidneys. Recently, some internal and external stress has made my kidneys very vulnerable. As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, wishing that I had a nice warm mocha sitting in front of me. However, I know for a fact, that given my current state, that my kidneys would suffer. I therefore opted for a Jasmine Pearl Tea, which has significantly less caffeine. My kidneys are thanking me for my decision.

I have also used the concept of the twelve organ meridians and the emotions and virtues attached to them to get a better feel for how attracted I am to a woman. Yes! That is right you lonely men out there. I have begun to see more clearly the arcane nature of a woman, by feeling how my organs are affected when I am near a lady and/or conversing with her. This might sound far-fetched, but I have tested the concept a few times with a particular female at a particular grocery store that I frequent. The first time I went through her checkout line, my kidneys were very strong and my mood was very upbeat. I knew I was attracted to her physically, but I did not know or could not tell if her energy would complement mine in a healthy way. My kidneys, when energized, are extremely strong, however, fear or stress is like kryptonite to my kidneys, and they leak Qi very fast if I do not alleviate my stress—often with Yi Ren Qigong exercises such as the Level Two, Kidney/Urinary Tract exercise.

One day I was feeling very stressed, and my kidneys were cold. I went into the grocery store and there she was, in all her beauty, smiling with grace and confidence. Immediately after looking at this lady, my mood heightened and my kidneys began to warm up! My legs got stronger and my mind began to calm down, with less racing thoughts.

Traditional Chinese Medicine also teaches us that there are five main body-types that correspond with the elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal. I am mostly a fire body-type, with broad shoulders, a long neck, narrow hips and long limbs. Personality wise, I do share some of the fire body-type characteristics including being passionate and caring, but I am also very affected by the kidney emotions and virtues such as wisdom, confidence, hate and paranoia.

When looking at the Production Cycle of the five elements and when considering my type and temperament of Fire and Water (Heart and Kidney) it would seem that my ideal woman would be either a Lung lady (long and lean with small joints and narrow hips.) or a fire body type, as fire naturally interacts with water. From my understanding, this type of woman would have the kind of the build that is a bit more voluptuous, being slender and fit. Although Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches that height is not a factor when dealing with body types, I kind of look at the water bodies as being long and lean and fire body-types as being more average in height and with more defined or larger muscles. (Again I am not well-studied in the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine body-types, but this is what I feel from my own personal experience as will be explained later).

From my understanding, a person with a lung body type would help build the strength of my kidneys as lung, metal, is the mother of the kidneys, water. A woman with a fire body-type would build the endurance of my kidneys as fire naturally interacts with water and if the water element, which is a yin element, gets too cold then the fire element, which is more yang, would balance it out and vice-versa. If a person of my body-type were to date a lung woman, our energy would be like me lifting heavy weights to build my muscles, but in this case, building the strength of my kidneys.  If I dated a fire woman, it would be like me lifting less weight, but it would build the endurance or stamina of my kidneys. Of course, my fire energy would be beneficial to both body-types of women and we would make each other happy. Thinking back in my past, and I do not believe this is a coincidence, I have had the best luck with lung and fire body-types, and we have made each other the happiest.

Body types are one thing, and physical attractiveness is another. However it is no longer as simple to me anymore as seeing a woman and judging her beauty simply by looks. For instance, just today a woman on Facebook, who I do not think I have ever met in person, randomly Instant Messaged me and wrote “Hi.” She did not respond to my response of hello and signed off. I immediately felt pains in my stomach although I was not nervous at all. I believe I was feeling negative, anxiety from her. This is also why I do not believe that when you really open up your energy body, that proximity is important to feeling vibes from other people.

There have been other times, say at a bar or coffee shop, when I meet a woman—including lung and heart body-types—that I think has an attractive face, but her energy body makes me feel tired and unbalanced. For instance, if I were to see the girl that I mentioned from the grocery store from a distance in a public place, I might not give her a second look. However, once she communicated with me either non-verbally or verbally, I would feel extremely energized and upbeat. I truly believe that a great deal of what we consider beauty is sort of programmed in our minds and changes like fashion styles. For instance, as a kid I had a huge crush on super model Cindy Crawford just because of her looks, but today I do not get as excited when I see a picture of her. Sure she is beautiful, but I understand now that outer beauty is so subjective and only part of the overall equation that makes up a woman. During my senior year in high school, my Intensive English teacher once commented that he is more attracted to Whoopi Goldberg than Cindy Crawford. I thought he was sort of nuts when I was 18, but as I have matured, I can totally understand what he was talking about: The vibes he gets from Goldberg are much deeper and meaningful to him than how he feels about Crawford.

Again, I am not completely clear about the theory behind all of this, but I am certain that I can now more quickly identify if the chemistry between me and a woman will work. I would not yet, or probably ever, go as far as to ask a woman what element/s her body-type she is, but I will definitely listen to my organs in the realm of relationships and also in other affairs.

To me, the phenomenon that I have been experiencing with regards to my organs, is just another indication that the mind and the body are directly connected and that as we feed our body food, which affects our organs and mind, we also feed it thoughts, which also affect our organs and mind, and in turn, our overall quality of life. Moreover, when considering a relationship, it is very beneficial to consider how a man or woman affects your internal organs. That way, ideally, you can both make each other happy and grow together.






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