Creating Youthful Vitality w/ Yi Ren® Qigong

By Brendan Thorson 1/4/2012,

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Are you seeking the fountain of youth or to regain your lost vitality and beauty?  Many of us spend countless hours and money on exercise, foods, supplements, hormone replacement therapies, erectile Dysfunction medicine, cosmetic surgery and other things doctors and health experts recommend to feel young and obtain longevity.  From my observations, I do not feel most people are getting the results they want. In fact, I believe that most people feel that over the years, they have witnessed themselves gradually look and feel older and more tired than they should for their age.  We all only know what we know and presently few people know about the amazing life and health transformations available from Yi Ren® Qigong.  It was the key to me regaining my lost health and life after years searching for solutions, and I continue to see my students–from teenagers to senior citizens–transform their health and life too.  If you are serious about transforming your life and health, Yi Ren Qigong may be the best investment for you.

Seeking Beauty w/ Cosmetic Surgery–

Simply stated Qigong means energy cultivation and development.  Overtime, one can improve his or her strength, health, and longevity.  Like how a compounding interest retirement investment plan works, consistently add money to your account and over time the combination of monies added-up and interest earned can grow beyond one’s imagination.  Similarly, over time one’s steady time investment into his or her Qigong practice can pay-off big with a long and healthy life past one’s expectations.  Also, just as importantly one can grow, mature and refine oneself with Yi Ren Qigong just like a pianist developing her skills over time. So with time, by practicing Yi Ren Qigong, one is able to become more skillful with many aspects of one’s life including his or her life management skills and personal realization to the point the person may become a wise-(man or women) or sage.

Based on my understanding, traditionally high level Qigong knowledge and training was held very secretively within the families and lineages (and selected students) that owned them because, among other secrets, it gave them an upper hand for prosperity during challenging times as well as safety and protection before guns were around.  This is not any different than top secret information or knowledge held secretly by businesses or governments, giving them an edge over their competition.  As a result, most of the Qigong taught to the general public was and, (in my opinion) still is an extremely watered down version.

Warning, Do not confuse Yi Ren Qigong with other forms of Qigong.  It is completely different than any other forms of Qigong I have ever encountered.  If you are interested in the benefits I have desribed here, do not think you will be able to find the same training or benefits from other forms of Qigong!

Yi Ren Qigong is unique and powerful refined form of Qigong developed by Dr. Guan-Cheng Sun.  As noted earlier, it has been the key to me regaining my health and life after years of searching for solutions and trying many different forms of exercise/s and healing modalities to overcome my fragile and exhausted body and tired mind.  Prior to finding Yi Ren Qigong (in addition, to practicing yoga for many years) I spent a few years practicing Tai-Chi Chuan and another form of Qigong, but I did not have any significant health improvements from either of them.  However, during my first Yi Ren Qigong class in 1999, I felt the energy strongly nourishing me, and my body and mind felt more refreshed and relaxed than I had in years. I knew, like the difference between night and day, that Dr. Sun was a real Qigong Master: He was teaching authentic Qigong. I knew I had finally found my opportunity to regain my health and life!  Many of my current students have studied or tried other types of Qigong too, but most choose to take my classes over others because this training is radically improving their health and vitality far beyond anything else they have ever experienced. Moreover, many students feel more energetic, and can see they look more handsome than they have in years too.

Why can’t I learn Qigong from a book or video? 

Qigong Instructional Book–

Contrary to what many people believe you cannot learn deep aspects of Qigong or what I call Real Qigong like Yi Ren Qigong from a book or a video.  During the initial stages of Qigong development (until the energy body is developed) one needs the assistance of an instructor who has truly developed his energy body to help another student truly activate their major energy points and pathways.  Without the help of someone who has already developed her energy body, one would more or less have to reinvent the wheel again to advance beyond a beginners state. This is because, as stated earlier, styles of Qigong are passed down through lineages and refined along the way. These lineages help support the Qigong instructor with that lineage’s energy, and the instructor, who has a more advanced energy body than beginning students can call in universal energies and directly use his developed energy body, to support the Qigong pupil. Although this might seem like a foreign concept to those who have not experienced Qi energy development in a class setting, it soon becomes very apparent to the student, sometimes after attending only one Yi Ren Qigong class, which was the case with me.

You may be asking yourself why is Yi Ren Qigong different than other forms of Qigong?

From my experience and observations most forms of Qigong  (are not what I consider Real Qigong) are  just moving exercises, meditations, visualization exercises, breathing exercises and sound exercises, but they lack the essential energy or energy development.  In fact, it may take some students years or months before they actually feel the energy sensations clearly.  Increased energy is necessary for one to improve his health, vitality and personal growth.  Similar to trying to use a flashlight with a dead battery, it just does not work.  Thus, you can try many different things to make the battery work again, but until you actually add more energy to those batteries–recharge them–they will not be able to make the flashlight work adequately again.  In addition, most forms of Qigong are not actually working with the key energy points, pathways, and organs necessary to obtain youthful vitality.

On the other hand, during the beginning stages of Yi Ren Qigong our priority is on building, improving, upgrading and balancing students energy levels to help them feel better so they can begin to improve their health and quality of life.  In my experience, most Yi Ren Qigong students feel the energy very clearly during their first class and as they continue with their classes and training, the energy (and energy sensations) gradually gets stronger and stronger.  As stated earlier, a key to the energy development of Yi Ren Qigong student’s is the direct energy transmission they receive in the class/es from their Yi Ren Qigong instructor to activate, unlock and develop the student’s energy body in a safe, effective and time tested order.  In addition, the Yi Ren Qigong exercises and meditations are refined like a prized jewel.

I know many people, including myself, some of my students, and numerous instructors of other forms of Qigong and Taichi who have invested years of dedicated training to their practice and never truly felt the Qi energy, developed their energy system or enhanced their life despite all of their efforts.  But, during their first Yi Ren Qigong class they felt the energy very clear and strong and also felt their whole being transcend to a energized, calm and grounded state unlike anything they had ever experienced with their previous training.  Life is short and time is precious, thus if you are sincere about improving your health I hope this message will help you make good use of your time.

How can Yi Ren Qigong bring me improved health and beauty? 

At the heart of the Yi Ren Qigong training is levels 1, 2 and 3. These levels contain the key elements for one to create Youthful Vitality from Yi Ren Qigong.

In levels 1, 2 and 3 we focus on upgrading energy levels, creating a balance between Yin and Yang energies, releasing excess stress and unhealthy energies/ emotions, upgrading the organ and organ pathway energies (5-element system) and upgrading the endocrine glands and restoring balance to the hormone levels.  As a result of upgrading the internal energy levels, many people begin to experience feeling more alive and calmer than they have in years.  Also, from the upgraded energy levels,  some students begin to get what I call a Yi Ren Qigong facelift, where students with saggy and droopy faces firm and tighten up like they may have looked 5, 10 or 20 years beforehand.  Additionally, I will commonly also see people with lifeless and colorless faces gradually begin to shine and have the glow of a vibrant person in the prime of his or her life.  The appearance of one’s face usually shows the health and vitality of one’s organs and internal energies.

In this article I will not go into detail about how biologically Yi Ren Qigong can transform one’s vitality.  But I would like to note that as a result of enhancing all of the different energies and energy systems of the body, the body and mind then can naturally begin to function at higher levels, like many of  us recall in our varying pasts: Youthful appearance, attitude, metabolism, body shape, figure and more solid and robust energy levels.  Most physical exercise causes the body to use up and deplete its essential life energies, but Yi Ren Qigong begins to fill our system back up with vital energies to make it possible to obtain youthful vitality again.


Qigong and Taichi classes and seminars taught in Seattle, WA and throughout the Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest.

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